Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Sponsored review] Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to review about the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash!

why is it called marshmallow whip~?

such a cute name right?

when i first saw this product, i was sooo excited to review about it!

Cause i love marshmallow~ 

soo i'm really curious what type of facial wash it will be!
will it look like marshmallow?
will it smells like marshmallow?
will it feels like marshmallow?

and actually it feels like marshmallow!

sooo cute right?

it's sooo fluffy!


i'm really amazed when i first saw the density of the foam it produces with just one push..

this is the maximum amount of foam i've got from brand XYZ

and compare with this!!
the bubbles are soooo small.. and it's soo dense!!
best of all, it's sooo convenient!
i just need to press on the bottle and i'll get this quality of foam!
no need to lather anymore!

of course...
i changed to this as my daily facial wash right away!!


it is dense and consistent!
very smooth and bouncy too!

the bubbles are really small...
which means that they can cleanse better!

and also...
because it's soo fluffy.. 
it forms a cushion for your skin so there will be less friction between your skin and hands~!
less stress on your face!

best of all...
it contains COLLAGEN~!
it moisturizes to a baby smooth after feel~

and it has 150 pumps in a bottle!

I basically use them everyday!
just press on it, one pump...
and it's sufficient to cleanse the whole face!
the foam is sooo comfortable >.<

how i feel after using biore marshmallow facial whip:

first of all, it doesn't leave a dry feeling after washing my face with it..
yet my face feels so clean!!

and also it's really convenient!
it's really comfortable when i wash my face with it..
less friction! =D

will i buy it again?
and there's a refill pack!

you can get yours at major supermarket and medical stores!
at only $13.90!

if you want to try it,
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