Monday, September 19, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Hyper Crystal Brown 16.5mm from Cosmeeyes

Hello everyone!

I'm going to review about Hyper Crystal Brown lens today!
Kindly sponsored by Cosmeeyes

and i love it sooooo much!

Hyper Crystal Brown 16.5mm
Brand : Japan Hyper Size

Water content : 48% high water content
Centre Thickness : 0.028mm super thin High oxygen permeability
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lens usage : 6-12 months upon opened from vial
Made in Korea for Japan

One of the reasons why i chose this lens is because...
it's 16.5mm!! HUGE!
the largest i've worn i s15.0mm and yet this is awesomely 16.5mm!
more dolly eyes!
as kiasu as an average singaporean, i had to get this series!
(kiasu means "afraid to lose out" in singlish)

really excited to try them on!

and after one week,
it arrived!

nicely wrapped up in bubble wrap!


<-  flipped inside out
-> normal

normal lighting

with flash




really like the glossy look when i wear them!
and the enlarging effect is super dolly!
but not too big like it's going to swallow your whole whites...


makes my eyes look sooo watery~ <3
*dreamy max* wahahahah

and it looks so natural at the same time!

isn't it beauitful~ hehehehehehe

My comments :

Comfort :★ The lens is so comfortable for me that I could wear them for 6 hours without feeling dry or anything! No blurring out too! Love it! 

Design : ★★★★☆ I love the design! It makes the eyes SHINE naturally! and yet it's not too extravagant
I think grey or pink will look nice too! >< urggh i want more! hahahah

Magnifying effect : ★★★★★ 16.5mm~
best of all, it doesn't cover out too much of your whites! 

and right now!!
Cosmeeyes is having a giveaway! *cheer*

and they do provide free worldwide shipping if you like their facebook page!
The price in the website is 1aud:1sgd:1usd

soooo hurry to like their facebook and join the giveaway before it ends!

*ps : to all singaporeans, i managed to get my lens from cosmeeyes even after the customs start to detain lens! so hurry and stock up some more lens! <3 *

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