Saturday, October 22, 2011

[Advertorial] Fashion Hooks

Hello everyone!

are you into BLOGGER style?
Cool and sexy? <3

i'm going to introduce a reliable and efficient blogshop to you all today!

you can find them here 

as you all know...
black long maxi dress is really in fashion now!
and you can wear them in many many ways...
plain, with belt, with jacket (blazer) , with short chopped top... etc etc

 and fashion hooks is selling this maxi dress for $23!

not to mention, wearing a long maxi dress elongates your figure! <3
and it's black! so slim u down further!
and if that's not enough, you can try putting a belt at your high waist! this makes your legs seem longer!

"rocker" style is in trend now too!
you can't help but you comment that SHE'S SO COOL!

and hahaha!
fashionhook has a more ROCK version!
they even have leopard prints behind!

( you can find them here!)

and the sheer version!

and other personal picks...

 peter pan collar dress!
sweet but not forgetting the SEXINESS~

ripped leggings...

and they are having special offers for selected pieces!
view them here!

not forgetting they will be having a private sale next saturday!

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