Monday, October 31, 2011

Little updates - Anime festival asia and MMK

hello everyone!

sorry for not updating frequently! hehehehehehehe >.<

i was out of town (without internet for the past two days...)

but I'M BACK!! =DDD

and i've got a small announcement to make!!

remember the pretty girls that i introduced on my previous previous previous's post?

we are actually....

one of the few selected girls for MMK CAFE event this year at Anime festival Asia!

sorry that i look so fat here! wahahhaha
i suck at taking SMILING photos! hahahaha

and we have anime version >.< wahahaha

if you're interested, you can come down to suntec city convention hall on 12th of nov ~13th of nov!

we MMK maids will be serving you at the cafe!

not forgetting, there will be a lot of cool cosplayers that day!

and in conjuction to AFA, we have BUTLER cafe too!

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