Wednesday, October 19, 2011

lunch with my pretty girls..

hello everyone!

sorry for not updating frequently!

>.< i've yet adapted to school yet!! this semester, we only have 5 weeks and then we will be out on attachments! WHICH MEANS..... all my practicals will be on week 4 or week 5!! AHHH... stressed out!

are you feeling the stress in school too?

but but...
for a change of mood, i will blog about my previous weekend with my pretty girls~ <3

where do pretty girls gather for LUNCH?

of course, a place with more pretty girls >.<

AKB cafe!

their lunch menu

carbonara set lunch

and as GIRLS....

we definitely have to camwhore!

please enjoy/bear with it!

with Camille

i'm starting to love my SMILE a little bit more.

but i still can't help with the duck or pouty face >.< waahahhaha

and who is sitting in front of us....?

jasmine and veronica~!

yes yes!! it's the very pretty JASMINE aka RINA 

and sitting beside her is....

and our little miss smiley (andrea) just reached!
( PS : jasmine coldly stare is pretty too right? )

and she's always sooo fashionable!

and of course.....


and more GROUP photos!


and you might wonder...
why is my HEAD soooo big in all the photos >.<


it's because i'm the one holding the camera.. so i've got to be infront! >.<

my head very small one...

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