Friday, October 14, 2011

[review] Princess Mimi Almond Brown Lens

hello everyone!

today i'm reviewing about Princess Mimi/Bambi Almond brown lens!

remember the awesome package i've gotten from

and yes!
Princess mimi Almond brown is the other pair of lens they sent me!



in the kawaii box...

can check the authenticity of your lens!

Origin: Korea Diameter : 15.0mm
 Water Content : 38% Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal

w/o flash

with flash

with makeup

Comfort :★★☆☆ The lens are really comfortable when first wore. it's like i'm not wearing nothing at all. However, it gets a little dry after 3~4 hours. but a few eye drops will make it comfortable again. =D

Design : ★★★★☆ it's really natural and it gives a dolly feel to your eyes. The black rim on the outside makes your eyes stand out more.

Magnifying effect : ★★★☆☆ It's magnifying effect is of the natural side, not too exaggerating but just nice. However, i would prefer it to be a little bigger (OMG i'm greedy) 

If you're too looking for a lens that will make you look dolly and yet it's not too exaggerating and obvious, you can try PRINCESS MIMI Almond brown!

remember you can get your lens from

ready stocks!
go to their shop and view their wide variety of lens now! =D

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