Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[video tut] How to put double eyelid tape

Hello everyone!

made this short video on how to put double eyelid tape as i realised it's not very clear in my previous makeup tutorial video!

used my camera instead! is it better? =D

I hope this video shows clearer on how to put the double eyelid tape.

well, there's many ways to put double eyelid tape.
it differs from eye to eye.
pearly has another different method of putting hers.
practice it more often and you will find the most comfortable way of putting your eyelid tape! <3

i'm born with natural double eyelid... but it's really small and it often gets swallowed up by the eyeliner and lashes i'm spamming with.. hahahaa..

and double eyelid tape is the easiest way to create higher folds.

*with AB fiber*

but if you want to create bigger fold, you can invest on Mezaik/AB fiber!! *currently addicted to AB fiber* will do another tutorial on that too!

and soooo sorry for not putting on any makeup as i wanna give my skin some rest and also... i'm still in the last-holiday-week mood wahahaha... i need to laze around more...

and because of that, i have to say sorry again! As i'm very vain so this video will only be put as unlisted for three days. and it will be put as private after that!

however, if you need this tutorial still.. please leave a comment so that i give you the link to watch them after three days!


  1. Hi Kelly, can i know what is the brand or type of eyelid tapes u using and where u events supplies? Thanks:)

  2. Oops .. Where u get your supplies i mean.

  3. Wow...thanks Kelly!! Seems so easy on this video! Last time I tried to stick it on my friend's eyes but I got fail!! Hahaha I didn't work well ! So next I'll try with your technique!! I hope I'll be professional with it! Hehe...I wanna try it on my eyes but may look weird hahaha...btw, you still look cute although no make up! So don't worry about it!! (⌒▽⌒)

  4. hello, can i have the tutorial for AB fiber? :)


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