Monday, November 28, 2011

[review] LIZ LISA lashes~!'

hello everyone!

today i'm going to review on...


LIZ LISA lashes!!

i bought them last year and i've yet used them...

cause they seem sooooo precious~
(OMG... it's LIZ LISA...)


DEKAME dolly LOVE liz series

it's 1260yen~!

actually i was tempted to purchase them that time (despite my tight budget) because the shop attendant wearing it was soooo sooo sooo pretty~!

and she said she was wearing that!

(i was SOLD)

so i bought one set to try~!
soooo precious~

and finally i tried them on!

photos time~!

really really love the fact that it can be so dolly and natural at the same time! <3


Design ------ 5/5 ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT~! as you can see, there are stalks of lashes.. however, it's not too STALKY (as in obvious) thus it makes dolly eyes look natural and less intimidating!

LENGTH ---- 3/5 i would say.. the length the lashes is not enough to a droopy doll eye effect. i had to add another half lash to create the droopy look.
(photos above are of the original length)

RE-USE-ABILITY ---- 3/5 beautiful things don't last forever.. one stalk of lashes dropped off when i was removing my makeup (probably because i always pluck my lashes off ><)
however i still continue to use it as it's really very pretty.

COMFORT ---- 5/5 the stalk of the lash is really soft (probably that's why it's so fragile)... when wearing them, i DON'T FEEL THEIR WEIGHT on my eyes at all.. =D

UNIQUE-NESS ---- it's pretty different from all the lashes i've worn. it's less reflective~
the closest one to this is dolly wink no.4!

will i buy them again?
DEFINITELY!! cause it soooo soooo pretty!

this is with extension of another half lashes!

Friday, November 25, 2011

[review] FREEBIES ALERT~ Fancl mild cleansing oil

Hello everyone!!

Today I will be reviewing on a makeup remover that i’ve using for the past few weeks! hehehe

once again, i need to thank thesamplestore for giving me to opportunity to meet this awesome cleaner!

and it’s....


Product Information :
  • A preservative -free and non-comedogenic innovative makeup remover that focuses on cleansing power, gentleness and simplicity.
  • Complete Makeup removal :
    - Hassle-free makeup remover that cleanses in an instant
    - Lifts the toughest makeup without leaving any makeup and oily residue behind.
    - Dissolves pore clogging keratin plugs.
  • Complete Gentleness
    - Retains essential moisture
    - Smooth Cushion Oil enables smooth application without friction that stresses skin.

Here’s a demonstration by the friendly Fancl staff when i went to collect the cleanser...

lip stick + concealor + waterproof mascara

Fancl Mild cleansing oil to the RESCUE~

Just two pumps of the cleansing oil....

TADA~!! It removed all of them (the middle streak)
Being such a sweetie, the Fancl staff helps to cleanse my whole hand with the cleansing oil.
Can you see how clean they are now? Looks so smooth too!

Now let me demonstrate (alone >.<) the effective of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil in removing my normal thick makeup!

A - glitter eyeliner
B - purple eyeshadow
C - Liquid eyeliner
D - Gel eyeliner
E - Concealor
F - Brush

2 pumps...

u can see that the purple eyeshadow dissolved straight away after it’s in contact with the oil

soooo.... 2 pumps ( actually if it’s just for the hand, one pump is sufficient ) and it thoroughly cleansed!

i’m not sure if it’s obvious here...
but after cleansing, my left hand is brighter and smoother!

this must be because it removes dead keratin plugs too! <33333


Why i love this cleansing oil :
  • it removes makeup effectively
  • it brightens up my skin
  • it does not leave an oily residue after cleansing
  • it does not irritate my eyes even if i massage them near my eyelashes

Even with days of thick makeup, my skin will still be smooth and clean with this awesome cleansing oil!

if you’re interested to get this, you can go to for more information!

And the best thing is....
And the best thing is....

If you mention that you’re a reader of "" at any FANCL store
islandwide and receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp after a complimentary express skin
check and you can also get a S$5 OFF for every purchase of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil in 120ml!

Limited to 1 regular-priced bottle (120ml) per reader. Not valid with other promotions/ discounts/ vouchers. Other T&Cs apply. Valid till 30 Nov 2011.


Friday, November 18, 2011

AFA 2011 - working at Moe Moe Kyun cafe~! [photo spam!]

Hello everyone!
sorry for not updating recently!

here i'm back with AFA photographs~! yeah~!

this is how i look on the first day of work!

*waku waku*

and sorry!! that's the only photo i took on the first day!
it was sooo sooo sooo busy! >.<

nevertheless, i shall steal some photos from other people!

group photo taken just before the cafe opens~!
they are all sooo cute! >.<

photo taken with kaname and usagi (two very famous japanese cosplayers who were invited to be the judge of the regional cosplay competition)

usagi-sama was super super super sexy~!
i'm like drooling O.O when she unzipped her jacket

really fortunate to be able to work in mmk!
get to meet a lot of artistes and famous cosplayers!

best of all, I GET TO SERVE THEM!
(well, because i know japanese so i've got the privilege to talk to them)

>.< kaname and usagi said that i'm cute >.<

and LiSA came to our cafe as well!
i get to serve her in her artiste room~!
she's sooo cute!!

she drew this for us!

didn't get to take another photo with her that day...
but here's a photo we took with her during the press conference day~!

her small face lights up every single lightbulb in my ENVY-METER ><

to be honest, it's quite challenging to work in a maid cafe...
esp when it's FULL all the time >.<

cause it's tiring but you still have to put on your best smile and blast your customers with your enthusiasm!

but regardless of how tired i were, i still LOVE MAID CAFES~!

sooooo with swollen feets and sore legs, we started the second day of work~!

changed my hairstyle 

taken in the messy waiting room >.<

i love love love the waiting room...
every morning, it's packed with laughter and encouragement~!
soooo soooo full of love! hehehe

and guess who i served on the second day?

the forever young ANIKI~~

Kanako Ito 
+ Chiyomaru Shikura

well, actually i didn't serve them but i served their band mates/crew
but angela was sooo cute, she actually turned her chair around just to look at me serving them >.<

one thing i love love love about the artistes is that...
they are sooooo friendly!!

i had a great time serving them! hehehe

and finally..........
WE are off work~!


and guess what we do?

>.< we celebrated JIM's (producer) birthday with KYSS~!

*forcing JIM to finish our cookies*

stole it from one of the KYSS members...

*lazy to scan mine*
need to frame mine up~


cookies made by mmk girls >.<
it's soooo super yummy!
i'm sooo proud of them

okies, i guess you have been waiting very long for this...

photos with the girls >.<

chizuru and me~
(you can read chizuru's post on MMK AFA here : )

i want to thank her for being such a sweetie and helping me all the times!
even though she's younger than me, i feel very TAKEN CARE OF by her..

and also my LOVES...
FERU - chan and TORAAA - chan~

feru-chan => sexy voice beauty
tora => cute blur blur


polaroid taken by tora-chan~!

with beautiful RINA-chan
>.< sorry it's blurred >.<

(you can read her version of AFA here : )
thanks rina for being a responsible and reliable HEAD MAID~! <3

i love her for another reason...
cause we are always HUNGRY

my cute cute cute cute maid YUNA chan~!
>.< omg.. the more i stare at her, the more i find her CUTE

and you can read her post here!

and MIKA-chan~!
she's like.... soo... nice...
thank you mika for being sooo helpful! <3

last but not least...
miss popularity KIYOMI-chan~
hehehe if you want to lift up your spirits, go stand near her...
her enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS

Thank you girls..
i miss you all so much!
MMK is 200x more fun with you guys around! <3 <3
hope to see you all soon~!


and a very cute photo that i love a lot!

with our posters!!

Thank you all!
Thank you for coming down to support us!
Thank you for morally(through the internet) supporting us!

and thank you MMK girls~!
for being such a helpful and friendly group of people~!
love you all sooo much!

thank you jim for giving me the opportunity to meet such awesome people!


sorry i didn't take a photo with any of the butlers >.<
i need to rush home~!
early school the next day~! >w<

and while "rushing home'...
i took photo with my beloved

they are working with ANIMAX this year again!

while exiting, i saw this KAWAII kagura chan (that i used to cosplay in) so i took a photo with her!
so cute!!

and that's all!
even though it's really tiring and painful (my bruised toe nails), i had a great time!
it's a lifetime memory! <3

OMG i miss my MMK girls, jim and the cafe now >.<


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