Friday, November 4, 2011

[advert] New nail decoration from DORAYAKI1989

hello everyone!!
today i'm going to introduce a new nail decoration that doesn't HURT your nails!!

as much as i love decorative nails, i'm really worried about the condition of the nails!

>.< i really don't want my nails to turn yellow~!

( do you know that most of the japanese guys determine whether the girl is clean/neat/wife material by looking at their nails when they first see them? )

so when emailed me to do an advert to try, i was really excited to try them! hehehehehe

every packet comes with three designs

yes yes!! all glittery glittery nails~! =D

another factor that i love about this nail decoration is that....
it's INSTANT!!

no more hours of painstaking decorating the nails~
no more base coat, nail colour , top coat...
no more WAITING for them to DRY~
no more angst girl when i accidentally touched my drying nails! hahahah

it's SOOOO FAST that i take less than 5 minutes to complete them!

let me show u how i do it!

take out the sticker

paste it on the finger nail

trim it to fitting

and because my fingernails are not long so i can have two different designs for each patterns!

when it's all done,
it's time for some partying camwhore time with my new nails!

love how the glitters shine 
and that there is this glossy look to it

they don't look like stickers at all! <3

hehehehehe! i can pretend to be a manicure expert with this!

i always love glittery nail designs...
but i guess everyone knows that it's a hassle to remove all the glitters on the nails!
it's like you have to saw and sand your nails in order to get them all out! >.<

however, with this....

*peel peel*

tada~ still in perfect condition!

no harm to your precious nails!

click on for more details!

i would love to get E3 and E6!

"Price at $$6.90 each containing 30 nos each, meaning you can used for 3 times on all 10 finger. What a saver deal!"

and remember to 

quote "KELLYKONOMI" for a 10% discount!

all instocks at

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