Friday, November 18, 2011

AFA 2011 - working at Moe Moe Kyun cafe~! [photo spam!]

Hello everyone!
sorry for not updating recently!

here i'm back with AFA photographs~! yeah~!

this is how i look on the first day of work!

*waku waku*

and sorry!! that's the only photo i took on the first day!
it was sooo sooo sooo busy! >.<

nevertheless, i shall steal some photos from other people!

group photo taken just before the cafe opens~!
they are all sooo cute! >.<

photo taken with kaname and usagi (two very famous japanese cosplayers who were invited to be the judge of the regional cosplay competition)

usagi-sama was super super super sexy~!
i'm like drooling O.O when she unzipped her jacket

really fortunate to be able to work in mmk!
get to meet a lot of artistes and famous cosplayers!

best of all, I GET TO SERVE THEM!
(well, because i know japanese so i've got the privilege to talk to them)

>.< kaname and usagi said that i'm cute >.<

and LiSA came to our cafe as well!
i get to serve her in her artiste room~!
she's sooo cute!!

she drew this for us!

didn't get to take another photo with her that day...
but here's a photo we took with her during the press conference day~!

her small face lights up every single lightbulb in my ENVY-METER ><

to be honest, it's quite challenging to work in a maid cafe...
esp when it's FULL all the time >.<

cause it's tiring but you still have to put on your best smile and blast your customers with your enthusiasm!

but regardless of how tired i were, i still LOVE MAID CAFES~!

sooooo with swollen feets and sore legs, we started the second day of work~!

changed my hairstyle 

taken in the messy waiting room >.<

i love love love the waiting room...
every morning, it's packed with laughter and encouragement~!
soooo soooo full of love! hehehe

and guess who i served on the second day?

the forever young ANIKI~~

Kanako Ito 
+ Chiyomaru Shikura

well, actually i didn't serve them but i served their band mates/crew
but angela was sooo cute, she actually turned her chair around just to look at me serving them >.<

one thing i love love love about the artistes is that...
they are sooooo friendly!!

i had a great time serving them! hehehe

and finally..........
WE are off work~!


and guess what we do?

>.< we celebrated JIM's (producer) birthday with KYSS~!

*forcing JIM to finish our cookies*

stole it from one of the KYSS members...

*lazy to scan mine*
need to frame mine up~


cookies made by mmk girls >.<
it's soooo super yummy!
i'm sooo proud of them

okies, i guess you have been waiting very long for this...

photos with the girls >.<

chizuru and me~
(you can read chizuru's post on MMK AFA here : )

i want to thank her for being such a sweetie and helping me all the times!
even though she's younger than me, i feel very TAKEN CARE OF by her..

and also my LOVES...
FERU - chan and TORAAA - chan~

feru-chan => sexy voice beauty
tora => cute blur blur


polaroid taken by tora-chan~!

with beautiful RINA-chan
>.< sorry it's blurred >.<

(you can read her version of AFA here : )
thanks rina for being a responsible and reliable HEAD MAID~! <3

i love her for another reason...
cause we are always HUNGRY

my cute cute cute cute maid YUNA chan~!
>.< omg.. the more i stare at her, the more i find her CUTE

and you can read her post here!

and MIKA-chan~!
she's like.... soo... nice...
thank you mika for being sooo helpful! <3

last but not least...
miss popularity KIYOMI-chan~
hehehe if you want to lift up your spirits, go stand near her...
her enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS

Thank you girls..
i miss you all so much!
MMK is 200x more fun with you guys around! <3 <3
hope to see you all soon~!


and a very cute photo that i love a lot!

with our posters!!

Thank you all!
Thank you for coming down to support us!
Thank you for morally(through the internet) supporting us!

and thank you MMK girls~!
for being such a helpful and friendly group of people~!
love you all sooo much!

thank you jim for giving me the opportunity to meet such awesome people!


sorry i didn't take a photo with any of the butlers >.<
i need to rush home~!
early school the next day~! >w<

and while "rushing home'...
i took photo with my beloved

they are working with ANIMAX this year again!

while exiting, i saw this KAWAII kagura chan (that i used to cosplay in) so i took a photo with her!
so cute!!

and that's all!
even though it's really tiring and painful (my bruised toe nails), i had a great time!
it's a lifetime memory! <3

OMG i miss my MMK girls, jim and the cafe now >.<

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