Friday, November 11, 2011

MMK's event is tmr!!

hello everyone!!

i'm sure everyone knows that AFA starts today and MMK cafe is going to be open for business tmr!!

and i'll be working there as well!

>.< hehehehehehe

if you want to experience being served as a princess/master, please come down to suntec city convention hall 402/403/404 to visit MOE MOE KYUN CAFE~!

and i will be serving u guys too! <3 hehehehe

this event will be until this sunday 13/11/2011

you will get to see a lot of awesome cosplayers as well!

if you're dropping by at MOE MOE KYUN, please remember to say HELLO to SATOMI!

(but don't just say HELLO la, say more, TALK TO ME! heheheheh)

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