Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OFTD for the past few days...

heheheh hello everybody!!

as shushu suggested, i'll like to post my past few OFTD 
(that i happen to have a picture of)

TANGS's harajuku event
kelly and pearly with a lot of pretty girls
all very stylish!

i'm wearing my favourite LIZ LISA top 
with a marine style pants which was given by the organiser.

pearly was wearing a collar top that i bought from HONEYS 
with a WEGO sweater.

when i'm out with my pretty mmk girls

WC I love japan tee 
with a short jumper(?) that i bought from from thailand.
strawberry sneakers from SWIMMER

sweater from UNIQLO
dress from ISABELLE Closet
converse pink high cut sneaker with lacey socks.

my brand new Liz Lisa dress (last summer i suppose) and kate spade bag
with shoes i bought online!

well... that's all that i could find! .>< hehehehehe
i rarely take full shots but i'll try to take more from now on!

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