Friday, November 25, 2011

[review] FREEBIES ALERT~ Fancl mild cleansing oil

Hello everyone!!

Today I will be reviewing on a makeup remover that i’ve using for the past few weeks! hehehe

once again, i need to thank thesamplestore for giving me to opportunity to meet this awesome cleaner!

and it’s....


Product Information :
  • A preservative -free and non-comedogenic innovative makeup remover that focuses on cleansing power, gentleness and simplicity.
  • Complete Makeup removal :
    - Hassle-free makeup remover that cleanses in an instant
    - Lifts the toughest makeup without leaving any makeup and oily residue behind.
    - Dissolves pore clogging keratin plugs.
  • Complete Gentleness
    - Retains essential moisture
    - Smooth Cushion Oil enables smooth application without friction that stresses skin.

Here’s a demonstration by the friendly Fancl staff when i went to collect the cleanser...

lip stick + concealor + waterproof mascara

Fancl Mild cleansing oil to the RESCUE~

Just two pumps of the cleansing oil....

TADA~!! It removed all of them (the middle streak)
Being such a sweetie, the Fancl staff helps to cleanse my whole hand with the cleansing oil.
Can you see how clean they are now? Looks so smooth too!

Now let me demonstrate (alone >.<) the effective of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil in removing my normal thick makeup!

A - glitter eyeliner
B - purple eyeshadow
C - Liquid eyeliner
D - Gel eyeliner
E - Concealor
F - Brush

2 pumps...

u can see that the purple eyeshadow dissolved straight away after it’s in contact with the oil

soooo.... 2 pumps ( actually if it’s just for the hand, one pump is sufficient ) and it thoroughly cleansed!

i’m not sure if it’s obvious here...
but after cleansing, my left hand is brighter and smoother!

this must be because it removes dead keratin plugs too! <33333


Why i love this cleansing oil :
  • it removes makeup effectively
  • it brightens up my skin
  • it does not leave an oily residue after cleansing
  • it does not irritate my eyes even if i massage them near my eyelashes

Even with days of thick makeup, my skin will still be smooth and clean with this awesome cleansing oil!

if you’re interested to get this, you can go to for more information!

And the best thing is....
And the best thing is....

If you mention that you’re a reader of "" at any FANCL store
islandwide and receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp after a complimentary express skin
check and you can also get a S$5 OFF for every purchase of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil in 120ml!

Limited to 1 regular-priced bottle (120ml) per reader. Not valid with other promotions/ discounts/ vouchers. Other T&Cs apply. Valid till 30 Nov 2011.


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