Monday, November 28, 2011

[review] LIZ LISA lashes~!'

hello everyone!

today i'm going to review on...


LIZ LISA lashes!!

i bought them last year and i've yet used them...

cause they seem sooooo precious~
(OMG... it's LIZ LISA...)


DEKAME dolly LOVE liz series

it's 1260yen~!

actually i was tempted to purchase them that time (despite my tight budget) because the shop attendant wearing it was soooo sooo sooo pretty~!

and she said she was wearing that!

(i was SOLD)

so i bought one set to try~!
soooo precious~

and finally i tried them on!

photos time~!

really really love the fact that it can be so dolly and natural at the same time! <3


Design ------ 5/5 ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT~! as you can see, there are stalks of lashes.. however, it's not too STALKY (as in obvious) thus it makes dolly eyes look natural and less intimidating!

LENGTH ---- 3/5 i would say.. the length the lashes is not enough to a droopy doll eye effect. i had to add another half lash to create the droopy look.
(photos above are of the original length)

RE-USE-ABILITY ---- 3/5 beautiful things don't last forever.. one stalk of lashes dropped off when i was removing my makeup (probably because i always pluck my lashes off ><)
however i still continue to use it as it's really very pretty.

COMFORT ---- 5/5 the stalk of the lash is really soft (probably that's why it's so fragile)... when wearing them, i DON'T FEEL THEIR WEIGHT on my eyes at all.. =D

UNIQUE-NESS ---- it's pretty different from all the lashes i've worn. it's less reflective~
the closest one to this is dolly wink no.4!

will i buy them again?
DEFINITELY!! cause it soooo soooo pretty!

this is with extension of another half lashes!

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