Sunday, November 6, 2011

[tutorial] Introducing PHOTOSCAPE

hello all!

i wanna share this photo editing programme with all of you!

especially for lazy people (yes me!!) who wants pretty photos !! >.< hehehehehe

you can download them for FREE here

i first fall in love with this programme because it allows me to batch edit my photo!
i used to open individual photos and resize each of them to 550px! ><

with photoscape, it's just a drag, click and save~

drag my photos from the side, adjust their width...
and CONVERT all!
save them!

yes it's that convenient! <3

and only recently (actually yesterday..)
i realised that they have another awesome programe within them!

which is their EDITOR

choose EDITOR when you open the programme~
another fantastic point for lazy ppl like me is that you can just select your photos from the side!

and what i normally do (well, starting from yesterday)...
i just click the button BLOOM~!
(yes, bloooooom your photos~!)

and tada~!
you can adjust the level of BLOOM , blur and contrast!

love that it adds a dreamy feel to my photos INSTANTLY

you can also edit the saturation, exposure and many more...



another user friendly function is the MOLE REMOVAL from the tools section

remember my BAD SKIN DAYS when i'm in japan?
let's edit my photos from that period~

choose tools~ 
(yes, you can remove moles and acnes~!)

drag a small box around the acne.
release it and they will blend the acne for you

marvellous right?

another another function!! *EXCITED*
they have many filter effects!
they have CLEAR SKIN too! <3
so if you want clear skin without dreamy effect, you can use it!

it's super convenient and i can edit my photos in MINUTES

however, they do not have liquify function! so if you wanna make your face slimmer and eyes bigger, u can use photoshop or MEITUXIUXIU

feel free to click to view the photos in bigger size!

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