Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[compare] start of the year look and end of the year...

hello everyone!

it's going to be the end of 2011 soon...

so i've decided to post up a comparison post for my 2011!

soooo the start of the year... 
this is how i look...

*all from my January posts*

with my hair extension on.

those were the times when i go out every weekends...

and around 12 months later....


still pouty!! hehehehe


i hope i am..
because "becoming prettier than yesterday" has always been my resolution for the new year.

appearance wise...
☆ i lost some weight! =D
☆ i dyed my hair darker (well.. from lighter to lightest then to darker)
☆ i changed my eyemakeup a little
(adjusted the way i put my lashes and my double eyelid tape)
☆ more experienced in camwhoring~!
☆ more girly look!

Character wise...
★ sadly, i've become less playful...
★ i was more outgoing during the start of the year.. love to go out with friends and bloggers...
(still love to.. but not as often... *omg i'm getting older*)
★ beginning to love staying at home (and rot) more than going out..
(well, going to bugis street to shop is still my favourite pastime) 

i would say, i've achieved quite alot this year.
but i would like to achieve more by next year~!

next up will be the summary of 2011~!

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