Friday, December 16, 2011

Makeover 02! with Jiamin~

hello everyone!

today i'm going to blog about my previous makeover event with one of my reader Jiamin!

This is her first time putting on makeup...

so we started our day early to buy makeup items for her!

this is what we bought!

if you want to know what we bought, 
you can read from her post 

sorry i didn't take photos of the process of shopping and makeover as this time round, there's only 2 of us >.<


here's the after~

we actually went to marina square and then to bugis street to get all the makeup~
and we did the makeover in the toilet >.<

but nevertheless, i still find that she looks pretty~

love her face.
sooooo small >.<
and now....
with my makeover-ed JIAMIN, we CAMWHOREEE~


both of us weren't looking into the camera..

she looks so pretty when she smile like this~

oh and her lower eyelashes....
are real...
it's like super long to begin with >.<

*note* even though i'm jealous,i'm still smiling

so cute right?

what do you think?

i hope she likes it!!

you can read her blog post about the makeover here!

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