Saturday, December 3, 2011

[review] Mizukitty lashes~!

hello sweethearts~!

today i will be reviewing mizukitty lashes~!

the front has very sharp and prominent stalks
the end has got volume...
and it said to create a MOE pair of EYES! like mizukitty!

the stalk for this series is really thick and hard. 
so i had quite a hard time fixing them on my eyes.. >.<
however, the good thing is.... they are going to last for longer period of time! <3

pardon my unkempt brows~! ><


Design ------ 3/5 i don't really like the design as the thick stalk somehow seems to swallow away my double eyelid crease. wahahaha. makes them look a lot smaller. however, it makes them stands out a little more than usual =D

LENGTH ---- 4/5 one pair is long enough, no need additional lashes~! <3

RE-USE-ABILITY ---- 5/5 with the thick stalk, i think it can last for more than 10times of usage! wahahaha

COMFORT ---- 3/5 the stalk of the lash is not really soft (as compared to other series). however, it's not uncomfortable at all if you managed to put them on correctly~

UNIQUE-NESS ---- 3/5 unique! it's like stacking two lashes into one. hahaha. 

will i buy them again?
sorry mizukitty-sama~! No....

but overall~
i still like them~!


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