Thursday, January 19, 2012

New giveaway from yuki and peiting~!

hello everyone!

so sorry i couldn't post about the contact lens giveaway yet!


i'm here to share some other awesome giveaways that are happening right now!!

from the beautiful and sweet YUKI
and her prizes are really AWESOME~!

"Here are some more details on the prizes!

Item 1: Tsu-chan's 2011 Candy Doll Makeup book with make up tutorials and a mini pamphlet with more info on her Candy Doll products!
Item 2: Ta-dah! One pair of Dolly Wink no. 9 and one pair of Dolly Wink no. 13 from Tsu-chan's new dolly wink range released at the end of November last year!" quoted from her blog

go go go join now!!

and from my bestie PEITING

more details will be up soon~!

will be updating you guys again when her giveaway is up..

in the mean time, please follow her cute blog and be updated about the the giveaway!

click on~!

they are both awesome girls with wonderful contents on their blogs!
love them MUCHIES~

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