Thursday, February 9, 2012

[diet plan] drinks that will help you slim down~!

hello everyone!

for those who have been following me on my facebook page, you all might have already know that.....

KELLY HAS GAINED a lot of fair bit of WEIGHT~

diet starts again~!

but.... as usual...

i'm a lazy woman...


so i'm always looking out for easy ways to slim down...

so today i'm going to share some DRINKS that could help you in your dieting plan~!

yes yes! i know i've been promoting this for a lot of times....
but this is really useful~ it's the best drink i've tried so far....
and just by drink it before and after meals, you will be already to see the difference in a few weeks time~

hehehe *disclaimer: i'm not advertising for pokka!* hahahaha

however, i know the taste might be a little hard to adapt to for some of you...

so... don't worry~!!!

i've tried other drinks too!


soy bean milk!!
it's a common drink right? =D

the thing about soy bean milk that has been promoted as a beauty drink is.....
it will make you feel FULL after drinking~! and it has estrogen-like effect~! it will make your skin smooth and beautiful~!

however, please note that you have to drink LESS SUGAR or best without any SUGAR 
(which doesn't taste nice~ *who says dieting is going to be easy*)


ginger tea~!

yes yes! ginger!
ginger helps to raise your metabolism rate so it will help to burn out calories faster~!
(very popular in japan)

just grate about one teaspoon of ginger and mix it with tea..

to increase the effect of ginger, you can boil it together with tea~!

you can add honey or sugar if you like~!

i love taking ginger tea because it makes you feel sooooo warm~ hehehe

the exact opposite...

ice cube!!
i read this from hikari's blog..

it's her way of dieting..
so she substitute all her unhealthy snacking with eating ice cubes~!

she also bought alot of ice cube trays to make cute ice cubes to eat...

however, i personally haven't try this method...
cause i've got....



remember, even though these drinks can facilitate your diet but.....
it's important to exercise too!

and my personal favourite among all these.....


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