Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Review] Dollywink No.13 - baby cute

hello everyone!!


i guess you all are attracted to the TSUBASA photo on the dashboard right?

i've finally gotten my new series of dollywink!
i will reviewing another pair soon!

baby girl~

got really attracted to this pair
as it's really different from all the other lower eyelashes i've seen!

it's like a combination of dolly wink no.5 and no.6!

i've got to try them!

 love that it's natural and at the same time, obvious enough to brighten your eyes~

gives a really special and youthful/funky look to your eyes!

good for everyday wear too!!

5 stars!!

compare to the previous series, i find that it's more durable!

everytime when i tried plucking off the lashes from the casing, i fear that the lashes will be dropping out...

but this time round, it's very tightly fixed to the stalk!
*no worries*

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