Friday, March 30, 2012

[Event] Collect Point Launch –together with my favourite bloggers~

[warning : this is going to be a super long PHOTO posts! Beware of super pretty bloggers appearing!]

Hello everyone!!
Today I’m going to blog about something really awesome that happened to me recently!
I’ve got invited to Collect Point for a styling event, together with many of my favourite bloggers!





And not forgetting my favourite Japanese stylist, FUMI-san~ <3

Not only that, Collect Point consists of Lowrys farm, heather, hare and jeanasis!

All the kawaii and kakkoii brands in JAPAN~

And…! They are here in Singapore!

You can find them at wisma atria Isetan level 1!

A very convenient and affordable way to look/dress JAPANESEY in Singapore!

With no further ado, I shall spam you with the photos taken!

Before the event, with wendyashley and gollylocks!
I know.. I look so URGGG here…but but, it’s a good comparison for before and after STYLING~

At collect point~

And the styling begins~

My first set~ 

(omg even without my hairdo, I feel KAWAII already >.<)

So-san from KIZUKI lim is there to style my boring straight hair that day~

With my hairdo~

Even I find myself KAWAII hehehe #thickskin

The School Girl Look from Lowrys Farm

It’s sooooo kawaii~~
even I’m screaming KAWAII when I first saw the outfit~!


Yes! That’s the hat I use frequently! Hehehe
It’s from Heather!

Don't you think this outfit is super cute?

Totally loving how cute the knitted blouse is!
Oversize + cream coloured + girly frills

And there’s a lot of those yuru kawaii clothes in the shop!

You just have got to go there and see it!
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE collectpoint! =DD

My second outfit

It’s a little more mature and feminine than the first outfit
But again, it’s so so so KAWAII~!

This loose cardigan is definitely a MUST BUY!

Not only does it creates a sweet gentle look, it also helps to cover unwanted body curves.

And yet at the same time, making you look slimmer with the sleeve narrowing down to your wrist~
(Flaunting my thin wrist~)


Secondly, I love the skirt!

look at the frills!! It’s so cute!

also, with a ribbon to tighten along your waist, it makes an illusion that you have a very small waist!

*AHEM* mine is not illusion though.. 

 Here’s a photo of me being distracted by the clothes!!
loving the fact that all their clothing have small details that adds to the KAWAII-ness of your whole outfit!


And now….

The most OMG moment for that day was…..

WHEN THE SWEETEST RACHEL asked if I wanna have a photo with CHEESIE *bling bling*


Sorry for the awkward looking face beside cheesie~

Because I was so so so touched! >.<


Rewind a little…

It went like “OMG CHEESIE!! Can I hug you….?”




And the most mind blowing thing is…

Cheesie reads my blog!
Omg! Σ(O_O;)Shock!!

I need to go do more charity work to thank god for being so nice to me!

Don’t say that I’m greedy but I took the opportunity and took a lot of photos with her!

Will be posted at the end of the post!


Okies but to the event…

So.. for the third outfit, we got to choose for ourselves!

And the most awesome thing is…
We get to keep the last outfit!

I really wanted to take my second outfit because it’s soooo sweet!

But I have to take another set because I want to show you all as many kawaii clothes from collectpoint as possible!

And I took a long time to choose my outfit…


Because there’s too many nice clothes in the shop already~~

Imagine, you can only choose one set from all these!

Yes, can u feel my pain during then?


And I finally chose a set quite some time and MANY trips to the fitting room…

Which caused my hair to become super super messy!

SO-SAN to the rescue~!

My chosen set!

I specifically chose this whole set because of the JACKET!

It’s sooo cute! It shouts my NAME~!

Don’t u find it super kawaii? Hehehe

Loving the blouse as well
(which is currently monopolized by my sister who loves it so much)

All these three outfit…



I’m going to tempt u further by posting photos of the other outfits worn by the rest of the bloggers~

Cheesie with this absolutely oshare outfit!

love the combination of pastel colours!

I love the shoes she’s wearing!
Wanted to buy it actually but my sizes are sold out =(

The yellow cardigan she’s wearing suits her very well!

Her second outfit!

I SUPER love this outfit..

When she wore it, we were like O.O so dreamy~

So beautiful right? =D
*drools* hehehehe

Next, the walking doll…MIYAKE-chan~!

sooo cute right?
see how the loose oversized cardigan looks on her…

so cute right? Like those anime-little-sister right?

Just wanna cuddle her~! Hehehe
*restrain restrain*

Her next outfit is dreamy as well..

Love the mint coloured blouse she’s wearing~

Super nice right! Add sugar to her sweetness~!

The outfit that she chose.

different style but still look awesome on her!

And wait, omg.. her sandals damn nice!
>.< omg! Why I didn’t notice this pair that day! >.< x 1000

I want~~~

And next, sweet little taitai wendyashley~

why does she look so kawaii with everything?

And her cool style from jeanasis
*oh. I love her legs*

And the jacket she’s wearing is really unique. With three different colours on it!

it will definitely add a lot of fashionable points to your outfit!

Her chosen outfit.
Kya~ kawaii~~

Like a little school girl~

Next is gollylocks~!

Her first outfit. They gave her a sexy bigsister style ~

I love her demin dress! I think it goes well with sweet kawaii style as well! 
Hehehehe (plus a little pinch of sexiness)

Love the scarf hairstyle they did for her!

All her accessories complement her cool big sister image very well~

 She loves the clothes there as well~

This is definitely the MOST enjoyable event I’ve attended so far~!

Not only do I get to meet so many awesome bloggers

I get to make friends with them!

Best of all, they are all very friendly and CUTE
And pretty!!

This event really inspires me to be prettier~

And also, all the people participating in this event are very helpful!

I really need to thank them for giving me this opportunity to attend this memorable event!

love you guys!

With cheesie.

OMG who’s finger? hahahaha

so pretty~

with lovely wendy

with beautiful miyake

With kawaii FUMI-san~ Thanks for the kawaii outfits~

with super handsome boss..

this photo doesn’t do him justice…

(sorry I took the photo from the downwards direction)

 With so-san..
Thanks for the kawaii hairstyle!

 with Rachel!

thanks for organizing this awesome event!

With roger, the forever young photographer

The stylish shop assistants~
They can give you a lot of good fashion advice~

And I just realized I didn’t take photo with gollylocks!

>.< I guess it’s because WE HAVE been meeting up too often that I forgot to do so..

*but see the style I look before the styling event…. =.= eeeee right..*

I guess I should change my style to COLLECT POINT STYLE! =D hehehehe

Forgot to mention…

There’s men collection as well~

Girls, bring your boyfriend there and style them up in Japanese fashion!

Soooo what are u waiting for~

Please head down to Isetan Wisma Atria level 1 to have a look at their clothes!

The brands available at collectpoint, like Lowrys Farm, Jeanasis and Heather!

Their clothes will definitely make you KAWAII and OSHARE (fashionable)!

I love collect point!
Thank you for coming to Singapore!

PS: thank you for reading the post till the end! i know it's super long!
The pdf draft that i've sent in has got 39 pages!



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