Sunday, March 4, 2012

NEW DIET CRAZE for kelly~

hello everyone!

i'm back and packed with a new diet~~~
(super wordy post)

you must be thinking that i'm crazy about diet...
but there's a really really really really valid reason for me to diet...
but more will be revealed in mid march~

having less than 20 days to shred some fats (5kg)...

i'm back to my crazy diet mode again~

the big big big big rule about dieting is... "never to starve yourself!!"
as it will result to overeating / higher fat absorption rate!! O.O

you must be thinking....



yesterday, i was tweeting that i'm itching for some snacks...
and i received a couple of suggestions~


drinking water and eating fruits...

drinking water..... =.= it's not going to satisfy my itch to chew on something~!

eating fruits... sad to say, i have got fruits phobia (yes, i've never eaten any fruits (except for lime and lemon) for the past 20 years of my life....) so i can't snack on them!!

after thinking and thinking...

i came up with a new snack for me to snack on!!!



(hahahahahahahahaha! i guess you should have already labelled me as the OOLONG GIRL since i've always been an advocate of oolong diet)

oolong jelly = oolong tea + kanten~!

yes! a new ingredient~
but i don't just choose kanten for the sake of making jelly~

some background info about kanten:

Characteristic of KANTEN

1. KANTEN is highly unique because it has zero calories. The World Health Organisation categorized it as a "no limited" food.

2. Because KANTEN has neither a taste nor a smell, it can be used as an ingredient in combination with other seasonings.

3. KANTEN is a natural sea vegetable. It contains no carbohydrates, no sugar, and no fat. But contains 80.9% fibre which is the highest among all foods.

With its characteristics, KANTEN becomes the best dietary. The following are some of its benefit when it is consumed:

1. KANTEN increases in volume by absorbing water in the stomach which leads the satiated feeling quickly. Even a small amount of KANTEN will provide a longer feeling of fullness and comfort in stomach as it slow down glucose absorption in the intestine, therefore reducing the calorie intake. Because KANTEN contains a good balance of nutrition but no calories, it will benefit your beauty as well as health.

2. KANTEN Gel absorbs glucose in the stomach, The mixture of glucose and KANTEN enters the intestine with ease. The speed at which the glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream is slow and rapid rise in blood sugar level restrained. Therefore, this process inhibits the body from retaining and storing excess fat.

3. KANTEN’s rich dietary fiber shortens the time that the food passes through the digestive system. Because the time that harmful substances stay in the intestine is shortened, risks of intestinal problems will be lowered. In addition, the dietary fiber contained in KANTEN helps to retain water in the intestines softening stool for more rapid and easy bowel movement. This process effectively eliminates bowel irregularity.

4. KANTEN absorbs bile acid that is expelled from the body when cholesterol is dissolved. In order to replace the bile acid, cholesterol is dissolved continuously. This process will potentially decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body.

By consuming KANTEN regularly, It is not only improving and stabilize our digestive systems, but also potentially will reduce the cholesterol & blood sugar level and most important thing is, it provides natural way to loss weight.

i can't really vouch for all the biological stuff that happens when u consume kanten (because i can't)


eating kanten really makes me feel more full!!

and it's so chewy that it can substitute snacks!

OOLONG CHA (reduce fat absorption) + kanten (reduce glucose absorption) = EPIC GOOD SHIT~!

sooooo.. here's my recipe~!

how to make OOLONG JELLY:

super cheap. $1.90 from ntuc

1. put 500g of OOLONG CHA and 5g of AGAR AGAR POWDER(aka kanten) to boil
2. Stir continuously
3. Put it to simmer when all the agar powder has dissolved
4. Put them in trays/moulds/container
5. Let them cool to room temperature
6. Put in refrigerator

wait about 15 minutes~
and tada~~


it's really tasty if you put it inside your oolong tea~

for sweet tooth/oolong haters, you can substitute them with fruit juice (remember to add water to dilute the fruit juice and please check on their calories!)

if you love chewy chewy jelly, add more agar agar powder~!

eat them before meals.
remember to drink a lot of water so that they will swell up and make you feel full longer~~

all thanks to JANE~

here's new information to add on where to get kanten jelly in Singapore!

 "You can get Kanten powder from Isetan supermarket, Coldstorage and certain NTUC supermarket which carry Japanese food stuffs."
You can get it @ Medi-ya, Liang Court,
$4.50 per box
not cheap, can just get one box first to just try it out.or the yomo yoka kawa yomokawa something japanese convenience store at tampines 1 basement!. haha okay i will try out this one first and then go buy the better one! please do update your progress!!!!

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