Monday, March 19, 2012

next up...

hello everyone!! 

i've officially started my holidays~~

which means...

i've got more time going to events/making tutorial/going for photoshoot/reading magazines/translating articles!

omg. i sound so deprived. wahahahaha

first time i'm going to try is...

something i have been trying multiple times before...

is a detailed eye makeup!

seriously! i don't know to do it!
firstly my camera will auto focus at the wrong time when it's taking a video!

too far i don't think it would be clear.

then i wanted to use my camera to snap some photos of the procedures...
but it looks weird...

don't know how i'm going to do it (any tips?) but i will do it somehow!


here's a list of what i've planned to blog/video about for this holiday (it's probably going to be my last holiday) 

- simple (10minutes) eye makeup tutorial for beginners and people who wakes up late!
- complicated eye makeup tutorial for people who don't mind sacrificing their sleeping time for beauty
- How to wear fake lashes (upper and lower)
- yet again, my recent facial care 
- hairstyles for lazy people like me!
- favourite hauls!



  1. Looking forward to your posts <3

  2. *___* I wish I was on holidays
    and eee, can't wait to see your posts :D For the detailed eye make up, try getting a tripod and etc :O ? Not sure how to fix the focusing problem cos I get that at times too xP I just take a billion and try to focus on the main one until I get a good photo T-T Loll

  3. (ノ^▽^)ノ。.:*・゚♡

  4. Oh my god! I can't wait they sound like good posts :)

  5. Wow I'm excited for your posts! >v<!


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