Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photoshoot with StreetAngels@SG

hello everyone! *waves*

how's your sunday?
i used to hate sunday a lot.. cause MONDAY IS COMING O.O

but now.. i'm on holidays~

sooooo... to cheer any one of you who has to go to work/school tmr~

i'm posting my photoshoot photos!
(hehehehehehe... not sure if that's gonna cheer u up!)

20 Aug!
My birthday!

more of me in alice costume~


What's StreetAngels@SG?

StreetAngels@SG is an iPhone app which functions as a photo clock.
The app displays a total of 1440 photos of "angels", or girls, in Singapore. In each shot, an angel(s) has a time board and tells you the current time. (60mins x 24hrs = 1440photos)

Street Angelsシリーズの第一弾、StreetAngels@SGはシンガポールの街角の女の子(エンジェル)たちが、iPhone上で1分毎に時刻を告げてくれるフォトクロックアプリです。(60分×24時間、1440枚撮影) 

and now more clothing...

 i was thinking of doing something totally different from sweet alice..
so i did a boyish look! hurhurhur


i would like to thank 2 persons for this shoot


who took so many pretty photos for me!

and secondly....

my dearest JACQ aka the famous Golly-locks who accompanied me throughout the whole photoshoot!
thank you!!!

and and she was so gorgeous even in her casual clothes that noriaki san has had to take a photo of her!

just a little shoutout to singaporeans!
you can contact them here ( if you would like your photos to be taken and to be used for the iphone apps!


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