Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[tutorial] Base Make

Hello everyone!

today i'm sharing how i do my base makeup!

[disclaimer: i'm not good at it, my sis is way better]

[disclaimer02 : i don't have flawless skin... well, maybe i used to have.. but not anymore! =( ageing~ ]

pimples, pores , uneven skin tones and dark eye circles

oh my sparse natural eyelash! wahahha
now you know why i need falsies! hehehe

let's start

Step 1 : conceal my dark under eyes~

just a little bit for two eyes

dot dot dot them like this

gently pat them with your middle finger

tada~! step one completed!

step two : apply liquid foundation

1/2 a press

spam them into regions

three fingers...

pat them evenly from inwards to outwards

two 2 completed~!

step 3 : conceal again~!

this is convenient.. cause i'll just CRAYON them in

again, pat pat pat

then again on my pimples

sorry for this ugly photo
but also under / of the angle of your lips, this is to make a beautiful smile

step 3  completed~

I normally do my eye makeup before putting powder
to help the liquid foundation to dry up more evenly
and also to allow further concealing should my eyemake dirties my base

step 4 : powder ~

nothing special~
just pat~!

and tada~! done with my base makeup!

my tips for base make up is....

after trying so many methods, i find that patting can create a more even spread without making your foundation looks thick.

Layering, it's always best to start off little by little instead of spamming all.
cause you never know... you might not need as much as you thought u should.


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