Sunday, March 25, 2012

[tutorial] Hairstyle 01 - for lazy vain people! (5-10minutes)

(light makeup btw)

hello everyone!!

today i'm going to show my first lazy hairstyle tutorial!

as promised on the facebook page, i'm going to share this hair style!
hurhurhur look mature *smile* hurhurhur

Just in case, u don't know...
i've got a facebook page!
"like" me to get information like these! hurhurhur

this is super easy!

all you need is 5-10 minutes, a curler and a pin!

even beginner-curler like me can do it! hehehe

fringe part:

if you have bangs like me...
don't worry...

let's create a long fringe

grab a small portion of hair that is longer

comb your fringe neatly to the side

pull the longer hair to the side... push it upwards a little bit to create a fluffier fringe..
then pin it up.

remember to arrange your parting in a zigzag line~

Curling part:

before curling

always use a hair spray
protects your hair and keeps your curls

generously spray~~

make a one-curl inwards

curl curl

after the one curl

then take one portion of the hair from the sides and make a inwards curl

do it for the other side too!

*sorry for the blur photo*

then scrunch up your hair a little with wax to create some volume

and tada~!
you're down!

remember to spray with those wavy hairstyle to keep the curls throughout the day!
*i didn't so it went down a little*

taken with my iphone hehehe

you can put one part behind your ear too!

hope you like the tutorial!

it's really easy! <3 

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  1. you look cute in light make up :) is a nice hair style


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