Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Tutorial] Mirai's eye makeup process

hello everyone!

today i'm going to translate Mirai's eye makeup process~!
wanna know how to create such a big and round dolly eyes of mirai?

Rimmel 01

using the colours from top to bottom, make a almond shaped gradient..

use the darkest colour to fill in the gaps between eyelashes.

she then uses malibu's no.36 and no.9 for her bottom eyeshadow

the lighter colour will highlight her tip of her eyes to the middle.
the darker colour will go from under her iris to the end

then use candydoll's brown pencil liner to draw from the iris to the end

then lightly draw the eyeliner

using kate's mascara to coat over her lower eyelashes

using D-up 900 and diamond lash's koakuma lashes for her upper eyelashes

using majorica's mascara to coat her bottom lashes
first horizontally combing against, then combing them in a Z manner individually to create more volume!

then put on dollywink no.5

using the darkest brown from the rimmel palette... gently drawing the shadow for the tears bag


tada~! mirai's eyes~

love her makeup~! <3

credits : mirai's blog

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  1. Thank you! I have been trying to imitate Mirai's eyes for so long and no success. But, with this translated tutorial, I know I can do it now. Haha. Thank you, Kelly! xoxo <3


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