Friday, April 27, 2012

[hair tutorial] micky/minnie mouse hair~

Hello everyone!


micky mouse hair~


but i guess with the ribbons, that makes me MINNIE MOUSE

sorry it didn't really look very round on the left side as i've clipped ribbons on it!


a few of the readers are requesting for the hair tutorial for this hair...

it's actually......
from my first hair tutorial!


i just tied a little higher than before...
and clipped on my ribbons instead of the white fluffy hairtie~

this hairdo goes well with megane as well~

but because the hair is quite big, so.... 
a lot of people will be staring at you if you tie this out!

but it's really really super kawaii yo~

hope you all like this short post!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Experience at Vintage Studio

Hello everyone!!

I went to Vintage Studio recently to PAMPER my hair!!

yes, even though it's like dyeing my hair.. but my hair actually feels SMOOTHER after the dye! even now! =D

when there with lovely Wendy Ashley~
who went there to get herself BLONDE~ hehehehe

i got myself a slightly lighter colour than my original~

YES, i was damn tempted to get LIGHT colours..
but it's my final year...
so i've got to RESTRAIN myself..

Nevertheless, MARS (the hairstylist) recommended me a slightly brighter brown that is suitable for me..
which is also... 
a colour trend in japan this year..


see the shine~ <3

LOL! looooks sooo smooth~ <3

one thing i love about their hair dye is that....
the smell is not pungent at all..

i didn't smell any residual chemical smell on my hair at all!

they uses good hair dye which will last for a longer period of time~! <3

then after that...

it's CHOP CHOP the hair time~

MARS recommended a straight cut for my hair...
for a sweeter, neater and more retro look =D

not only that it looks pretty now, the split ends are CHOPPED away too! 

Loving my HAIR NOW!

thanks to Vintage Studio~

While waiting for the new WENDY...

I looked through their STACKS of japanese magazines for hairstyle inspiration!

and tried a new hairdo 
*HAIRSTYLIST behind!* 


are you all excited to see wendy in blonde too?

after bleaching...

her hair is still looking smooth~

LOL.. can tell from her smile that she's really happy with the results even though it's just the first dye!

after that...
they dyed another colour on for her....


the ashy tone!!

wanna see her final hair colour?
read her post here : 


don't miss out the good deals from Vintage Studio!

Once you tried Vintage Studio, you won't want to HOP saloon anymore!
they are efficient and super JAPANESE-Y!

if you want your hair to be pampered and look japanese-y,
go for Vintage Studio!

Like and support their facebook page:

and don't miss their great deal here~!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Hair Tutorial] Dutch Plait Updo

Hello everyone!!

as requested by most of you in the previous post.....

HERE's my hair tutorial!!

for those of you who are not so familiar with braiding hair...

please watch this tutorial by my one of my favourite youtube GURUS~

Hope you'll like this hairdo~

kelly <3

Friday, April 20, 2012

First time.... Horse racing~

hello everyone!!

i went to watch horse racing a few hours ago~

was invited by one of our friends who owns a racing horse~ and the horse was racing today!


and yes...

view from the VIP room (or box they called it..)

upstairs is where we had our dinner 

there's even VIP room with massage CHAIR O.O!

pretty excited as it's my first time watching horse racing.. 

beginner's luck, maybe~
i won the first bet! hehehe
the horse that i bet on, PLACED (hehe 3rd)

and because we want to HEAR the sound effects~
we went down to watch~ and CHEER~!! 

basically, the horses are racing so fast that i could only see from the screen!

it's really adrenaline rushing!

and all the jockeys have to weigh themselves after the race..
erm... 57.8kg, while carrying all the saddles and equipment...

we didn't bet alot~
and thus we didn't lose at all..
but we didn't win much either!


but our friend's horse WON!


anyway, i tried an updo today~
cause i wanted to look more mature~

overall, it's a good experience!
get to see the horses racing...
get to how to place a bet...

still, i wont be betting on horse racing..

unless, keith owns his own racing horse!

PS: sorry about all the non-beauty-related posts recently! i'll be home the whole day tmr!
so i'll definitely be doing some hair tutorials, simple eye makeup tutorial! 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[recipe] PANDA cookies

hello everyone! 

today i'm going to share my recipe for the PANDA cookies!

it's great fun to make and it's really tasty! hehehe

i read it from a japanese website :

and i translated it~

so there you go~

Fine Flour - 120g
Sugar - 30g
Unsalted Butter - 30g 
Egg yolk - 1
Cocoa Powder - 1 teaspoon

1. Melt the butter in microwave 
2. Mix in egg yolk and sugar
3. Add in flour and mix it
4. Separate the portion ; 1/3 for cocoa and 2/3 for white base
5. Add in cocoa powder in the 1/3 portion, mix it well so that the dough becomes brown

6.  Row the brown dough into 5 portion.
2 for the eyes, 2 for the ears and 1 for the nose

the thickness of the roll should be :
eyes > ears > nose

7.  Make a base using the white dough

8.  Place the "eyes" on top
side view : 

9.  Fill in the gap with the white dough

10. Add in the nose

11. Fill in the gaps again

12. Wrap them around using the white dough

13. Add in the ears~

14. Refrigerate it for 30minutes - 1 hour

15. Preheat the oven to 180℃

16. Cut them into equal portion

17. Bake them at 180℃ for 15-20 minutes~

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Sorry that the last panda in the third row looks weird...

but my panda looks quite BLURRRR~




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