Friday, April 6, 2012

back from HK!

hello everyone!!

yes! i'm backed from my short trip to hongkong!!

it's very fun! but i didn't take a lot of photos >.<
so sorry!!

but i will blog about my hauls soon~ (need to wait for the laundry to dry!)

as for today's post....

i will be showing you all the OOTD for my hk trip!

first day!

arrival in HK!

wanted to wear something that i could sleep in...
so i've decided to wear maxi~

and made odango hair to add laziness to my look! wahahahaha

second day :

black top + mint jeans (bought from bugis street)
and my newly bought heels~

hair is slight more mature than usual~

with plaits (two smalls one and one big one) at the side~

then i actually went back to hotel to change as my heels were torturing me~

with comfy shoes~
*dump heels aside*

hat from heather
necklace and outer from mongkok center
white dress from bugis street

hair style is similar to my collect point event hairstyle
but i gathered my hair and put them behind my ears.

third day:
it's time to go home~~

wore something comfy again~
t-shirt and jacket from mongkok center

was wearing a shorts again bought from mongkok center by the way..

tied messy pig tails 

i'm so tired i wanna sleep~~

will blog sooon~ <3

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