Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Out with gollylocks for photoshoot~

hello everybody~


Jacq (aka gollylocks) has a photoshoot today before our meeting..
so i've decided to tag along for the photoshoot too!

will be showing some behind the scene photos!

listening to photographer's instruction

yea~! she does PEACE sign to me
*little fangirl happiness* 


and a candid shot!
she smiled really sweetly here! heehe

and back to serious MODEL mode

after a while, i was invited to take photos as well
(no la, actually i want sending the photog "I WANNA TAKE TOO" vibres all the time) 

this is the camwhore photo i took while the photograph takes a photo of me camwhoring..
(hurhurhur... alot of words hahaha)

the photographer
taking photo of me taking photo of the plants
(WOW, tongue twister hurhurhur)

some normal shoots
but the sunny was sooooo blazing hot!
i can't open my eyes WIDE hahaha

so bright

and this...

the photographer somehow got inspired by these convex mirror on the ceiling..
so he suggested for me to take photo from a DOWN to UP angle.

O.O which is....
super unflattering!

this is funny version
but i bet the rest looks like this as well..

*i need my ANGLE~~~~* 

but not say i never try....

still looks a little UN-KELLY

ahhh! forget it la~
*funny face*

i wonder how the photos will turn out to be...

and after that, jacq and i went to have lunch at DING TAI FENG~

xiao long bao~~

more photos~!

hehehe she looks really cute here!

wanna share this!

if you follow me on twitter, you must have seen this~!

my hello kitty head phones from HK!

really cheap! about $13! =D

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