Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello everyone!!

As you all can tell, i'm putting more effort in doing hairstyles recently!

this is because...

(quoted from a magazine and my japanese hairstylist) 
 " a girl's cuteness depends 20% on appearance and 80% on her hairstyle! "

that's why gyaru and japanese spent so much time in making their hair~!

However, it's important not to forget that...
you need to have a healthy smooth hair to create a beautiful hairstyle!

It is therefore super important to invest your time and money in good hair products!

so, today i'm really honored to be able to review MUCOTA HAIR PRODUCTS...

Mucota hair products are HIGHLY RAVED in japan!
They are widely used in hair salon in japan and often appears on magazine~
[ for more reviews in japanese : ]

i was given...


AIRE 05 hair treatment
AIRE DUNE EX shampoo 01
AIRE 10 out bath treatment

okay.. before i start my review....
a brieft introduction of my hair...

after using various hair treatments, my hair was definitely less dry than before..
however, there's still a problem that is really really troubling me...


AURGHHH i hate them!!
i couldn't comb my hair without pulling onto them >.<



the good news is....

MUCOTA HAIR PRODUCTS really helped a lot!! <3

so i'm really excited to share this review with you all!

  • Amino acid active agent: Gultamic acid, Alanine active agent. For repair, moisture holding effect.
  • CMC Ingredient: 18MEA. For Repair, moisture holding and emollient effect.
  • Natural amino acide ingredient: 10 kinds of natural amino acid.

Comments :

I find that this shampoo is a little different compared to others.
I feel that it is milder and also less foamy than other brands.

as you can see, it's clear in colour

However, one thing that i love is that.. 
it does not irritate the scalp nor making the scalp feel extra dry or oily!

Hair Mask Treatment (Smoother)
  • Hair colored and bleached repeatedly will lose internal nutrients, cuticle care is also important
  • High-formula honey will provide moisture-holding effect, and fine CMC improves permeability of hair
  • Smooth finishing that controls hair volume
  • Mangosteen sweet fragrance


OH MY GOD... i really love this hair mask!

Not only that it smells awesomely nice and sweet, it smoothens my hair in just 5 minutes of application!

look at how rich the hair treatment looks like! hehehe

Veil for Straight
  • Soft, supple feeling as if swayed by the wind – ideal feeling for straight hair
  • CMC-based non-rinse treatment element provides smooth finish. Protect the hair against dryness from the heat of iron or dryer.
  • 18MEA high-formula will block hair against damage by UV.
  • Refreshing Green apple fragrance

Comments :

I don't know why but i find that the duration needed for me to blow dry my hair after applying this is LESS!! ( savior for sleep deprived long hair babes~ hehehe)

and also, it seems to have a waxy effect that makes my hair shine!
less tangles too! 

wet hair

+ aire 10

1 pump for my hair

apply them on~


SMOOTHER and shinnier hair~

watch my video to see the effect after my first usage of the mucuta products~!


thanks mucota~!

Sole Agent: Prime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd

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we love it and enjoy reading them!


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