Sunday, April 8, 2012

[tutorial] How to put on eyelashes


it's finally UP~!

my eyelashes tutorial~!


before you all start off watching the video tutorial, i need to write down some tips which are not mentioned on the video >.<

1. Japanese lashes need not to cut... 

(unless it's really poking into your eyes)
because it helps to create the droopy and longer eyes effect

2. It's important where you glue....

this is an upper eyelash~
the green coloured area is the UPPER surface
pink is the MIDDLE
and blue is the underneath~

to make it more obvious...
please appreciate my cute little art~ wahhaha

green is the area on the upper surface nearer to the lashes
and then the middle surface
and the underneath surface is the blue~

so where do you normally glue?

the correct answer should be......


you should never glue it on the blue surface for upper eyelashes!!

upper surface near the lashes

if you glue it the wrong way, it will droops down and make your big eyes look smaller~ >.<

for example :
it actually covers part of my eyes! >.<

as compared to this:
the lashes are pointing upwards instead, therefore not covering part of your eyes!

on the contrary, if you want more obvious looking lower eyelashes, glue the lower eyelashes on the BLUE underneath surface!

(natural looking : middle surface)

3. It is important HOW YOU PUT your lashes~

normally i see others putting their lashes this way...

there's nothing wrong...
and this actually creates a natural looking lashes~

HOWEVER, if you want to enlarge your eyes...

remember to hold them this way when putting them on!

YES!!! in an upwards direction!

4. (optional) Remember to curl your falsies too!

falsies curler should look something like this...
shorter than usual curler...

please note!!
do not buy falsies curler like this one!! with the metal bar at the sides!
it will spoil your precious lashes!! >.<

*if the lashes are quite curled up, you do not need this step! *

5. Remember to curl and coat your natural eyelashes with mascara prior to putting falsies!

doesn't really apply to me as i don't have very visible natural eyelashes~

6. (opinional) Connect your lower eyelashes with your upper eyelashes~

this is how i normally do.. 
to create a droopy and bigger eyes~

now please enjoy this short video of how i put my lashes~
hope it's clearly after you read through the few pointers mentioned above!

and last but not least....




  1. Yayyyy finally! that's really helpful kelly! thank you soo much for posting this! btw, do you learn Japanese? if you do, please post a video of you speaking it ^^

  2. Hi kelly.. What brand of lashes do u use at the 2nd step?
    Btw, u r really cute with the lashes.. ^^

  3. I've been gluing my eyelashes on the blue line for as long as I can remember..thank you so much! I had the same problem, as that technique made my eyes look very small and I couldn't figure out what was wrong :')


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