Thursday, May 3, 2012

Introducing CASIO TR150 -- cute camera for bloggers

Hello everyone!!

today i'm going to introduce to you all a very very very BLOGGER's camera!!
(non-bloggers can use also... but i think all bloggers will be tempted to get this!! )

yes i know~
it's super cute!!
and there's PINK!!!

yes yes yes!!

calm down, don't hyperventilate!!

there's many reasons why i LOVE TR150....
and i'm going to show you guys my TOP 6 reasons today!
(will continue with the rest in another post.. because there's toooo many reasons to love this camera already!! >.< )

No. 1

it's built for camwhoring!

it has a rotatable screen which allows you to conveniently look at yourself while you camwhore!

no need to scare that your face are cut out in the photo any more!
thus allows u to find you most flattery angle to take beautiful photos~

look at the amount of photos i SPAMMED today!

No. 2

No need for PHOTOSHOP!
beautiful photo INSTANTLY!


TR150 has got ....


yes~ it can smoothen and brighten up your skin instantly!

see how beautiful and dewy our complexions are~

have never seen my skin so beautiful before!

it has got 12 levels of makeup levels~
1 being the lowest and 12 being the highest!

personally i prefer level 8!

No. 3

it's light and portable!

since it's a camera meant for camwhoring purposes, you would want it to be light and portable...
so that you can carry them around wherever you go!

see! it's around the same size as my iphone!


No. 4

Super convenient to take photos!
no need tripod!

the camera's frame itself can act as a stand!

or.... u can just balance them on the table!
Don't worry it won't fall! hehehehe

alternatively, just hang them on a bottle~

i can't tell you how happy to know that TR150 doesn't need a tripod!

yes, no more wasting time to set up a tripod...
no need to spend money to buy a tripod...
super convenient to take photos of full shoots/group shoots!!
absolutely essential and convenient function to shoot a video!! 

love it!

and to further enhance it's function as an ultimate camera for girls... or boys..

LOOK AT NO.5 and NO.6!



see the orange button with the clock sign?
that's the timer

super convenient and you wouldn't have to go through the troublesome "choose SETTINGS->TIMER->SET 10seconds"

and the best thing is that you can adjust the timing you want it to countdown!
from 1-10seconds!

that means...

NO MORE "2seconds too fast... 10seconds too slow"!!

2seconds, RUSH RUSH

10seconds, *POSE*.... wait and wait....

cause you can adjust the duration you want!
and it's really easy to do so!
just pull down!

NO. 6

Motion Shutter

What's Motion shutter?

"When the camera detects movement in a certain part of the frame, it starts a timer operation. It's the smart way to control the camera from a distance. 
Photos of your face look better than ever with Make-up Mode." 

you can find this setting in the menu, among with a lot of awesome settings which i will be going through in my next few posts!

put this pointing button to anywhere in the screen

just drag and place them

tap the screen and it will convert into a HAND sign

then, just simply move your hand over the HAND sign to initiate the shutter!

and the timer will just start to countdown itself~

it's a super awesome function for group shots!
becuse you all can pose and get ready for a shoot, then you move your hand around that area to start the timer!

no need to rush the camera and press the shutter..
and run back to adjust your pose!


see these crazy photos i took in Gollylock's workplace!

BTW, i hanged the camera on a hanger! hahahaha

with motion shutter, it allows us to stay at a position!
no need to rush to the camera and set timer..
just move your hand!

good for OOTD photos!

LOVING IT! heeheeeee


That's all for my TOP 6 reasons!
Will be posting my TOP 7-10 reasons in my next post!


just to tempt you all further!

here's another camwhore photo of me (WITH no foundation, only eye makeup and blusher!!)



PS: it's currently sold in Singapore~ but according to CASIO, it's selling really fast!!
so if you're interested, please head down ASAP to buy yours!

For more information, please

and don't forget to LIKE :

PSPS : i've successfully tempted a handful of bloggers with this awesome camera!!


  1. Hi Kelly , thanks for all the details and I'm interested. Btw, I just want to know one thing about it, Does it have wifi which can let us upload immediately to instagram or fb just like the samsung galaxy cam?

    1. Sorry i didn't notice your comment till now.


  2. Where to get this camera?

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