Sunday, May 6, 2012

[tutorial] Eyebrow.....

Hello everyone!!

today i'm back with an eyebrow tutorial!

as requested by the lovely Eleanor

Well, first i'll need to say...

I've only start to appreciate the importance of eyebrow in the overall look recently!

i always thought that...
my fringe will be able to cover my eyebrows so it doesn't really makes a difference for me!


after reading tons and tons of makeup tutorials done by japanese models and seeing them putting sooo much effort in eyebrow make....

I have HAD to see its importance!

(well, not to mention the xxxxxxxxxx times i've got O.O shocked seeing blondes with THICK BLACK eyebrows.. or girls with full makeup and just ignore their eyebrows!! )

see the difference between the two eyebrows!

don't you find that a clean eyebrow brightens the face?


so here's some of my personal preference for eyebrows!

1. No HIGH arch
2. Colour should be light (even if you have black hair)
3. EYEmakeup consists of EYEbrows too
3. Thicker eyebrows = smaller face
4. Blend to make it looks more natural

here's my video!

it's a really very very very beginners' level! (i'm a beginner)

and now..
i'll be posting some outrageous eyebrow make i've done recently!

(March 22nd's blog post)
just using eyebrow pencil!
Look at how uneven the colours are!

March 19's blog post
Can still see the greyish eyebrow above my brown PENCILED eyebrows

and prepare for the funniest one!!

25 feb's blog post
if those above are PENCILED, this is...


so, if you're a beginner like me, i would definitely recommend you to get eyebrow powder first.
because it makes your eyebrows look the most natural~

and remember to buy eyebrow mascara!
you won't want your hair to look greyish/black on top !!

i really hope to improve my makeup more and more!
and i'm glad i've made some improvements~~!

(some how, i've got the feeling that my current photos will be uploaded to be criticized by me a few months later~!! which would be... definitely awesome! hahahah )

i'm a DO-M~!

let's work hard together to become prettier~


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