Thursday, June 14, 2012

Japanese model prefect sizes...

hello everyone!!

i know...

the title sounds a little ?? misleading ??


so actually the size measurement of ideal japanese(?) or japanese model(?)

as quoted from hikari's blog


so here it goes :

breast : top breast + height

[0.49 and below ----> sorry, SMALL]
[0.50-0.53 ---> normal]
[0.54 and above ----> big O.O ]

waist ----> height x 0.37
below waist ----> height x 0.46
hip ----> height x 0.54
thighs ----> height x 0.31
calves ---> height x 0.2
ankle ----> height x 0.12
arms ----> height x 0.15

*measure measure*

yes, a little depressing!

but i find that despite these measurements, the most important thing is that.. it's proportional...

and as long as you feel confident in yourself!
you are beautiful! <3

just sharing for fun!
and if you aspire to be a model, please measure and aim towards these numbers <3


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