Tuesday, June 19, 2012


hello everyone!

it's summer already~
i love summer!
cause all the magazine will starts to showcase beautiful coordinates that i could wear in SINGAPORE!
>.< i hate winter as i will never get to wear those kawaii fluffy clothes in singapore!


trend-watching for this summer~

Front tie sleeveless blouse X fit and flare one piece!

absolutely love this coordinates!!
it looks soooo sweet and girly!!
also, i've got toooo many one piece dress and now i will just need a front tie sleeveless blouse!

Knitted hat X T-shirt X Tight mini

Smashed the mature look of tight mini with casual wear!

knit hat in summer? that's really new!
i want to try this style really soon!! hehehehe
*finding my cocolulu knit*

Peplum top X Skinny X girly wooden clogs

Aim at STYLE UP when wearing peplum tops!

casual yet girly!
love this coordinate! but i wonder if i suit wearing peplum top.. +.+

Peplum Romper X Sunglasses X Sneakers

Peplum romper! why so many peplum! hahahahaha
but i always love the look of dress + sneakers! girly but not too girly! adds a little cute and sporty to the whole look!

btw, the banana straw bag looks super cute!!

Grey Parker X Black mini with flower prints

if you are looking for black mini with flower prints...
you can find them in forever 21 or bershka!

i'm going to get mine soon!

Bandana X bra bustier X acid wash flare mini

first of all, i didn't even know it's called bra bustier. hahah. sounds soooo sexy~ wooohooot~
love the flare mini since the last season!

actually i find this too sexy for me

Skin revealing (? sounds wrong hahah) white one piece X black accessories

on the contrary, i don't find this toooo sexy for me!
love the white piece with heart shaped hole behind! tooooo cute!!
but i've got to do something bout the pimples on my back.. =3

Hair band X summer knit X Sherbet Skinny

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!
i've been shopping around forever 21 with my sister last weekend and was sooooo tempted to get those bright neon coloured/floral tubes!

White blouse X white denim short pants X Neon belt

this looks sooo sophisticated!
to avoid looking fat while wearing white, it's important to choose the materials wisely!

Logo tank top X  Tuck pants X Thick black shoes

what's a tuck pants? =.=
i supposed it's office looking pants?
but.... man, their legs look sooooo sexy and long!!
now i want a tuck pants! *in desperate hope that my legs will become longer*

and that's all for this post!
vivi is my fashion bible.


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