Monday, July 16, 2012

[event] SHIBUYA GALS event part II ~ just PHOTOS~

hello everyone!

thank you for your comments in the previous post!
will take a few minutes to reply to them. just realised that it's no longer supported by DISQUS! >.< that means all the emails that i've sent days ago to reply all the comments was not uploaded...

so now i need to manually reply~
hehehehe. but i'm happy to do so~
please comment more! hehehe >.<

well... the second part of SHIBUYA gals event was when i went down to support and kay-poh about wendy's and golly's makeover!

because i'm rushing from a massage place so my makeup wasn't very elaborated!
so i look different than usual.

well, just a different type of eyemakeup style. (easier... can do in about 15minutes)

but i love it!

AND... because i was rushing to the event place after my massage session...

i totally missed their whole session of makeover~

but... you can still enjoy camwhores photos we took that day~

tada~ with jacq/golly from
yes! she changed to her own domain~

and my bubbly dolly tomboy, WENDY~
what a weird combi~

her face damn slim.
was thinking of getting botox to attain her super sharp face~

but first i wanna get my braces done~

this is #fail.
using my own camera and yet i didn't stare into the camera.

ah~ this is better~

and with the promoter/blogger there..
aki chai~
  she's soooo young~

don't know if you guys are aware of it..
but i'm a reader of her blog for a long long time~

just a comparison in case, you all don't get the difference in eyemakeup...

well.. basically bigger and higher double eyelid crease!
and heavier lashes

upper lashes dollywink no. 10
lower lashes no. 5

subtle for a sweet casual look~

next post will be on a bigger scale shibuya gals event! <3


Sunday, July 15, 2012

[Event] Shibuya GALS SG

hello girls!!

sorry for the lack of updates for the past weeks.

swarmed with exams and clinicals.
yes now, i'm back in hospital for my last few attachments!!

can't wait to graduate, seriously! hehehe

i will definitely try to blog more now! but the eye makeup tutorial that i've promised will take a more days cause i've yet edited them!

so the next few updates will be on SHIBUYA GALS SG events that kept me happily occupied during my weekends.

now only that i get to meet some of my readers, i get to know many gyaru lovers/bloggers in singapore!

for the first week, it's the gyaru sensei and students event.

some of the gyaru bloggers are invited to this event to do a makeover for gyaru wannabes~!

hehehe of course, as a old birdie in this circle, i was invited.

along with some old birdies that you probably know already~

(more will be elaborated in the next few posts!)

all free for me to use on my students!

first student, evangeline..

evangeline is very cute reader of mine.
she loves makeup too!

enjoyed talking to her while doing her makeup!!

Evangeline, have fun during your taiwan trip! <3

her skin is awesome! and she's soooo radiant and fair!

with promoter, aki chai at the background

half done!

hurhurhur but look at the mess i've created already!

done! done!

pretty pretty dazzling eyes~ <3

thanks jacq and wendy for taking sooo many photos for me for the first makeover session...
thank you, love you~

the subsequent ones, they begin to joke and discuss bout the best iphone/android apps to take beautiful photos ....



sooooo.... you can only view the photos i took with them after the makeover~

the kawaii-kei JAMMING member, nic!

the very friendly and cute, janessa ~ <3

one more shot of this kawaii girl

and when she hear "OH ONE MORE ONE MORE SHOT!"

her face goes....


but because she's such a friendly girl...
and of course, a fan of wendy...

wendy dragged her to take more photos~

we were commenting on how much she resembles one of our common friend...

she really really looks like her after the makeover!

i would like to thank you girls for coming down just for this makeover...
(yes, i know it requires a lot of courage to head to town without makeup... well, at least for me)

and i would like to thank my lovely, pretty, sexy, gorgeous, kawaii, awesome friends ; jacq (golly-locks) and wendy for coming down to my makeover session after their events!

love you <3
gonna handcuff you all and go to more events together!

there's two more posts on shibuya gals sg events~

thank you for reading this post! <3

love you~!


upper lashes from hongkong
lower lashes from dollywink no.5
(all time favourite)
blush : NARS deep throat
lip : dior lip volumizer

dress from liz lisa

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Facebook giveaway

hello girls!

in the month of july....  i will hold a SERIES of giveaways!!
(if you win all these, u will have a full set of gyaru-makeup-needs! wahahaha

and it would all be on my facebook page!! hehehehehehe

yesterday i've launched my first facebook giveaway #1 on my facebook page~!
(priority to my loyal facebook followers hehehe)

theme : EYE want MAKEUP



for more details, check out my facebook page~!

exciting news yeah!! <3

good luck <3


exclusive to blog readers : have already packed my next giveaway #2 ! and it will be named as lip-a-licious~!


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