Friday, August 17, 2012

Some apps I love using

Hello everyone!

As requested by one of my readers, i'll be sharing some of the apps i use to edit my photos!

I usually download alot of photos doing apps but these are the ones that frequently use..

1. PaperLook

Only downloaded this cute app recently.. but so far, i'm really loving its functions!

So..... photo...
and you tap on the photo and there will be will a SCISSOR symbol.

Click on that and it will lead u to this "clip"
then you can either choose to "clip" the photo freely or with shapes.

after clipping, you can paste the clipped photo anywhere

and tada~!
also need to mention that they have awesome stickers!

2. Photowonder

this app is super popular as it has got photoshop effects!
like slimming face and enlarging eyes!

before and after

they also have awesome filters like autumn, lomo, vintage and HDR

and also, stickers~!


3. iFoggy

this is a super super convenient app to use to post OOTD especially when you're lazy.
and i'm lazy all the times

it automatically fogs up your photos.
so all you have to do is to use your fingers "unfog" it
yes, it's super fun. just like foggy windows

no more unsightly background!

but i guess some of you all can still see it's taken in a toilet.

and for those of you all who are more hardworking, try the paperlook and the next app~

4. Cutout Creator

use the brush to select the area you wanna cut out

an eraser to define it

and tada~!

you can paste on either the backgrounds provided or your photos~

5. Beauty booth

this is a pretty new app that i'm addicted to

because it's really awesome

upload a photo

and they will automatically do "beautification"
but don't worry, u can still edit the changes later


and they have this!
super cute! don't know what's it called but it helps to beautify the eyes~
making your eyes shine and watery~

*please edit the opacity if you don't want to look like anime characters wahaha*

and they have plenty of filters~


before and after

6. Diptic

this is super nice
super convenient

best still, u can adjust the width of the frames

not to mention, it has my favourite filter --- POLO FIELD

and an "apply to all photos" function for lazy people like me~ =D

and that's all for my favourite apps!

hope you all like it!

and do recommend me some apps!
cause i'm a sucker for apps and filters!



  1. That's really cool! I like it :D

  2. Thank you for sharing such cute apps!
    I especially like the cutout one! ^3^

  3. Thank you Kelly <3♪( ´▽`) all the effects are so pretty^^

  4. I'm using Photowonder,too!
    But other apps are also interesting,i'll try them out ^ ^

  5. Nice apps, thank you ^^ Beauty Booth looks so cute haha

  6. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely take a look at these, especially the cutout creator and beauty booth! :3

  7. Oh cool! I'll totally check these out!
    I used photowonder before (:
    But lately I mostly use meitu xiuxiu. It recently has a makeup mode session that is really handy! As well as cute filters and some boarders, and allows you to add text.
    Another one I use would be Poco.

  8. hahahaha fun app moments! i wanna use it too!


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