Friday, September 21, 2012

New Hairstyle! *chop chop chop* + Compilation of LOTD

Hello everyone!!

recently i chopped my hair!!

and it's MEDIUM length now!
and i'm seriously loving it! <3 div="div">

the reason why i wanna cut it is because it's getting really dry at the ends! .>.<

my long hair!

so i went to cut them at PACT which is a new branch off from Kizuki Lim (which is always engage to do my hair during japanese style photoshoot or events)

the new place is at Orchard Central and the interior is really beautiful!

it combines cafe and apparel shops into the saloon!

the theme of the interior is GREENHOUSE
it's sooo beautiful!

with So-san!

and tada~!

totally loving it!

at first i'm still a bit worried as i love doing hairstyles and i thought medium length will be restricting the numbers/type of hairstyles i could do!


ON the contrary, it works with all styles! >.<!!

Mature Casual look by So-san


suitable for casual days or a simple dinner <3 p="p">

Sweet casual look

one curl at the ends + selected strands of inward curls <3 p="p">

then at a little sugarish sweet by plaiting your fringe up!

(was going for the farm girl look that day as we are heading to saddle club fair~ )

Kawaii Doll Look

Just a simple one curl at the ends and big ribbon!

goes well with a kawaii LIZ LISA dress <3 p="p">

Resort Look 

with a white band

but decided to use my own hair instead hehehe

Overall one curl at the ends and mix curl at around 3/4 of the hair =D


naturally straight and boring hair though

was at a hair styling event~

with gollylock!

half up hair!


i've been so busy this week so i didn't try any other new hairstyles!

will do some tutorials as requested by a handful of medium length readers already! >.<


personally, i feel that medium length is very versatile! 
curling last longer with shorter hair too! (gravity....)

and if you're interested in cutting your hair short (no more tangles at the ends), do contact PACT!

look for so-san and just mention that you want KELLY's hairstyle!

please call before heading down!
their phone number is 6884 4143
Orchard Central, #02-16

*PS: this is not an advertorial*

Saturday, September 8, 2012

[tutorial] winged out blue eye makeup

hello everyone!!

as promised, i'm going to do a tutorial for this makeup!!


and it's inspired by 

tsubasa-sama, you're a genius!


let's start!

cui no makeup face

 1. Create higher double eyelid crease!

double eyelid tape used

2. Conceal your dark eyecircles to enhance your eye makeup!

tap tap tap..

3. Light coloured eyeshadow

from dior

apply A. light shimmery colour as the base

then apply B. light brown slightly above your double eyelid crease.

remember to apply a little bit in front too!
*helps to create a deep set eye*

after eyeshadow:

3. Eyeliner

from dollywink

open your eyes and dot on the level you want your WING OUT eyeliner to end.

then draw a thin line to the dot

4. Blend the eyeliner (optional)

personally, i do not like the harsh eyeliner line.. so i love to blend them with a dark brown eyeshadow.

i'm using the darker brown of NARS surabaya

from nars

5. Use a colour pencil eyeliner to draw on top of your eyeliner!

I like to start in the middle of my eyes.

light blue shimmery pencil eyeliner from bourjois

6. Layer it with eyeliner again to create sharper looking eyes!

7. Eyelashes time

(optional) coat your eyelashes with mascara to make them look more natural.

from fairydrops

closed eye:

8. Apply dark brown eyeshadow at the end 1/3 of your eye

using : 
from nars

9. Apply the orange colour of Dollywink eyeshadow palette!

from dollywink 03

beautiful colour from dollywink 03

just below the brown eyeshadow applied earlier.

9. Apply shimmer light pink colour to brighten your eyes

from dior
yes that light pink that is almost finished >.<
can't help it, it's tooooo nice!

10. Apply your lower lashes!

11. Use a light brown eyeliner to draw a small line at the tip of your eyes!
*helps to make your eyes look bigger*

12. Eyebrow time! Apple eyebrow powder on your eyebrows.

from kate
the middle colour

 then use eyebrow pencil to draw the ends *only the ends*

from dollywink

 then coat them with eyebrow mascara!

from dollywink


hope you all like this!!



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