Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[daily] 2/9/2012 Random day out!

Hello everyone!

so i've made up my mind to at least blog three times a week as i've got soooo many blog posts that i've yet blogged about >.<!


so i'm going to back track back track~!
so.... i tend to look different from time to time, judging from the long period of time that i've haven't been updating..
and oh yes, i put on weight! >.< OMG~!!!!

3/9/2012 last sunday, i went out for a meeting with a very precious sponsor/organizer/mama-san/manager to discuss about the upcoming plans and events!

and of course, it's held together with the bloggirls!

at the ATAS (expensive) TWG cafe at ion

oh-my-tai-tai face~
(tai tai = rich housewife)

we are actually discussing about one big event that is coming up sooooon!
organized by us and FOR YOU!

i'm sure you guys will love it!
so do make sure to check our blogs in the next few weeks for more information or hints!

because girls are girls...
(we are not only girls, we are bloggirls)

our natural camwhoring instinct keeps in...
especially when i took out my new portable ringlight~

wendy and gollylocks
*ringlight kira kira eyes*

my sis, who is not exactly a bloggirl, got blinded by the light~!

so after the brunch/discussion, we all went separate ways~
so my sister and i went to shop around orchard!
but most of the times, we are just eating eating eating!

not to mention, we camwhore quite a bit.

is she trying to imitate my duck face?

My sis is trying to get back to the BLOGGING mood so that she can start her own blog...
so gotta let her get used to camwhoring

but i think she might be doing beauty reviews instead of random blog like mine

 really can't wait till she gets her own blog!
then we will be going to events together!
but... i really hope my sponsors won't be sending one set of items for the both of us...
>.< wahahaha #pains-of-having-the-same-address

okies, i sidetracked a little...

but after camwhoring and shopping around town (in the end we didn't bought anything but we came up with a new project! so excited!!), we went for dinner together with my boyfriend.


and the dinner lace of choice is......

it's the No.1 Ramen shop in Akibahara!

even though it's a big no no for diet, but i'm a die hard fan for RAMEN~!

the broth, the springy noodles and the tender chashuuuu~~ <3 p="p">

@ Menya Musashi


super soft and crispy gyoza!! <3 p="p">
love to dip them in vinegar and chili oil!

My boyfriend's ramen!
Black colour broth! O.O
the fried garlic and onion soup!
super super super thick and nice!!

Curry soup ramen!
Please get the shabu shabu meat, it's really nice!
it absords all the curry taste in it!

And mine.
Red soup based.
i find mine really normal. but pearly prefers this among all of them =3=
so i exchanged with her the curry ramen and my boyfriend exchanged the black broth ramen with me!

hearty meal. <3 p="p">

after that, we went home!

and continue to discuss about our new project!
it's still in the process of drafting!


even though i can't reveal it yet (probably not so soon... -3-), i can show you all my camwhore photos!

tried the wing out eye 

with mermaid hair!

super loving my new lens! 

and lastly, just a shoutout for my new giveaway in collaboration with ParaPara-Daisu!

head over to for more details!

and click here to join 



  1. you are very beautiful in photos
    greetings from Spain

  2. why you all sooooo cute !!! Singapore is full of lots pretties!!!! ><
    btw, looking forward to read Peary's blog too!!! hehe

  3. Hi, what lens are you using? Mind doing a review on that cute hairstyle? (:

  4. Hi, can I know what camera and ringlight are you using? :)


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