Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[event] Haraju-cute SO cute event

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to blog about the haraju-cute event held quite so time ago!


what's haraju-cute?

it's a new corner in guardian store that sells cosmetics from JAPAN~

saw any brands you're familiar with?


yes yes!!
Diamond Beauty is here in Singapore!!

and also the highly raved Brigitte by the oh-so-famous-in-japan ROLA-CHAN~

and yours truly was the makeover model for the event on that day!

no-make-up and with bad lighting... i look URGHH X 100
O.O where's my eyebrow?!


but fortunately with the magical hands of the most popular makeup artist in singapore , Larry Yeo and also the magical makeup items from Haraju-cute....

Kelly has regained her confidence


I have to say, this makeup looks really different from my original makeup style.

but fortunately, my readers/friends quite like it!

on instagram

and it's done by the magical hands of this makeup artist

okies okies.. back the the event.

so this event was really sweet and well done as they specially made an effort to find a manga artist to draw our portraits!


does it look like me?

i think they copied it from this photo (?)
looks alike?

and my wonderful bloggirls were there as well!

and they've got their portraits drawn as well!

but i really have to apologise because i didn't take a lot of photos that day as i was the model.


others were enjoying awesome food from SUN and MOON

as i have personally used most of the products...

i can give my top 3 recommendations!


AB fiber!!

it's super sticky and it holds my double eyelid the whole day~!

one with double eyelid cease after AB fiber and the other without

and also....

the LOVE and PEACE makeup base!
it makes my face so dewy and fresh!

i've never thought my skin could be that nice

and the lastly, diamond beauty nose powder!

super convenient item made specially for contouring of your nose!

sharper nose, smaller nose
go for diamond beauty nose makeup powder!
it's a 5 star!

SOOOOO, after reading this post...

i'm sure all of you will be interested to know where to get these awesome goods from!
in case you missed it above...

it's available in Guardian stores!

so find your haraju-cute style now! <3 p="p">

and don't forget to like their page!

Thank you for reading this post!

and thank you Haraju-cute for inviting me to this awesome event!



  1. /sob so jealous!
    it so difficult to find Japanese cosmetics here D:
    looks like a very fun event :)


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