Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Upcoming event + PROMOTION] Marble collection X AFA 2012!

Hello everyone!
Today I've got a super super super super exciting news to spread~~

Marble collection is coming to SINGAPORE!!


Which means...
we will get to SEE a true true true Japanese kawaii runway show!
Do you know that the producers for this runway produced the famous TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION too? >.<

Really freaking excited when i first heard the news about this event >.<

not only can we soak in the kawaii atmosphere....

we get to meet...

FAMOUS japanese MODELS~!

shibuya team


Natsuko From POPTEEN

Aki Poyo from Ranzuki

Mayu from Ranzuki

Tenchimu from NICKY

Harajuku team

Ayumi Seto from Zipper

Una from Zipper

Yura from Zipper

Yano Anna from Zipper


THEY ARE ALL SOOOOO CUTE!! can't wait to meet them and snap a lot of photos!!

but girls....


THE TICKET price is only...

with free PRISILA partial wig!
(retail price lowest at $24 ! so it's a big WIN WIN!)

*random partial wig photos, not sure which one will be chosen!*

AND $88 for
PRISILA partial wig, eyelashes and PHOTO SESSION!

yes yes!! photo session! eyelashes and partial wig!!

super super worth it!!

and most importantly, it's a rare opportunity to see japanese models soooo close and personal!

wanna talk to them?
wanna look at how they look in real life size?
wanna be further inspired by their kawaii-ness?

Come to marble collection and purchase your tickets!!

or you can purchase the tickets from Physical sales at the AFA Shop (at *SCAPE) !
There are only limited stock of the Prisila Wigs, so get yours first before they all run out!!

soooo what are you waiting for!
this is really a price-worthy runway show!

oh! did i mention that.....

i'll be appearing in the runway as well!

soooo, please come down and support me!



Sunday, October 28, 2012

[review] Prodigurls lens from all-queens

Hello everyone!

today i'll be introducing a new lens brand!

Prodigurls Lens

They have a wide variety of lens!
I'll be showing some of the designs that i love in this post later!

i'll be doing my first review on Prodigurls lens!

sponsored by

This is Versace grey!

Diameter : 16mm
Basic Curve : 8.60

58% Poly HEMA
42% Water Content

with ring light

normal light

under flash

Comfort : ★★★★★ Wore them straight from the vials (not advisable ) and it's still very comfortable!
really love the level of comfort for this one!

5hours straight without feeling that i'm wearing lens!

Design : ★★★★ Even though the colours are as obvious as my other lens under natural light, I really find that this pair of lens is  a KEEPER! cause the colour blends in naturally so it doesn't look fake or weird.
As it looks natural yet sweet and unique at the same time, you can wear it to school! <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">
would really recommended for daily usage!

Magnifying effect : ★★★★☆ yes.. it's big hahaha

will i buy them again?
no... because i'm going to get the brown on the next time!! 
i'm sure the brown one will look very pretty too!


isn't versace from prodigurls beautiful?

other than versace, i think these lens are nice too!

definitely getting this!!
this look like my favourite len design that i've gotten when i'm in japan!

would love to get the violet one!

this is pretty tooo~

of course, there are a lot more beautiful designs available!

do check them out at

and the best thing is....

it's soooooo affordable!!

$18 per pair INCLUSIVE of shipping and lens casing!!

and of course, the more you buy... the cheaper it is!!

soooo.. go go go!!

to see the wide variety of lens that you can get at this awesome prices!

and they carry my favourite iFairy lens as well!

grab your lens before it's too late!!
spree ends on 19th November! <3 font="font">


Saturday, October 27, 2012

[event] Jcosmeland Carnival!

Hello everyone!

Today i'm really very very happy....

so i'm blogging straightaway! (even though i'm tired... but it was really an awesome event!)

once again, thank you allllll for coming!!
thank you thank you thank you!!

thank you all for supporting me, my blog and my booth!
i can't express how much i wanna thank you guys! but i'm really really happy today!!

Before the flea starts....

DURING the event!

just started and the crowd is pouring in! <3 p="p">
once again, thank you all for coming down!

my school mate! <3 hehehehe="hehehehe" p="p">

thank you for coming down!

spotted kawaii girls!

with my kawaii little cat, veron~

with always soooo pretty Stefanie ~

lovely readers who came down for this event <3333 font="font">

sorry for the blurred photo...
but she looks really pretty here so i'm posting it <3 p="p">

my pretty friend who got transformed after the gyaru makeup.. that i couldn't recognise her >.<
soooo sorry!


all the lovely girls who took photo with me...

can you please email it to me~ <3 span="span">
i want to make a compilations! <3 hehehehe="hehehehe" span="span">

kelly @ kelly konomi. com

(with the spaces in between)

with bloggers :




aki chai!

her nail art is freaking awesome! i wanna get too!

after that...
we rewarded ourselves with...

ITACHO sushi

(haven't been eating carbohydrates for dayssss already but this is worth the celebration)

thank you for coming down!
feel really happy to start this blog..
to know sooo many awesome friends through this blog...
to have people reading this blog...
to have people as friendly as you all reading this blog..

thank you thank you thank you!!

hope you seeeee more of you all during the next few events!! <3 p="p">

and the events are just going to get more and more awesome!

once again thank you all soooo sooo very much!!


will do a proper blog post in a few days time!
this is just to fulfil my piling excitement! <3 hehehehe="hehehehe" p="p">


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