Sunday, October 28, 2012

[review] Prodigurls lens from all-queens

Hello everyone!

today i'll be introducing a new lens brand!

Prodigurls Lens

They have a wide variety of lens!
I'll be showing some of the designs that i love in this post later!

i'll be doing my first review on Prodigurls lens!

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This is Versace grey!

Diameter : 16mm
Basic Curve : 8.60

58% Poly HEMA
42% Water Content

with ring light

normal light

under flash

Comfort : ★★★★★ Wore them straight from the vials (not advisable ) and it's still very comfortable!
really love the level of comfort for this one!

5hours straight without feeling that i'm wearing lens!

Design : ★★★★ Even though the colours are as obvious as my other lens under natural light, I really find that this pair of lens is  a KEEPER! cause the colour blends in naturally so it doesn't look fake or weird.
As it looks natural yet sweet and unique at the same time, you can wear it to school! <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">
would really recommended for daily usage!

Magnifying effect : ★★★★☆ yes.. it's big hahaha

will i buy them again?
no... because i'm going to get the brown on the next time!! 
i'm sure the brown one will look very pretty too!


isn't versace from prodigurls beautiful?

other than versace, i think these lens are nice too!

definitely getting this!!
this look like my favourite len design that i've gotten when i'm in japan!

would love to get the violet one!

this is pretty tooo~

of course, there are a lot more beautiful designs available!

do check them out at

and the best thing is....

it's soooooo affordable!!

$18 per pair INCLUSIVE of shipping and lens casing!!

and of course, the more you buy... the cheaper it is!!

soooo.. go go go!!

to see the wide variety of lens that you can get at this awesome prices!

and they carry my favourite iFairy lens as well!

grab your lens before it's too late!!
spree ends on 19th November! <3 font="font">



  1. I saw these lens in a circle lens shop a while back and i absolutely ADORED the design! they look so good on you
    and they are freaking huge! XD

  2. Ooh ! Cute lenses !
    Thank you for the introduction ! >W<


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