Thursday, November 22, 2012

Solutions to menstrual pain

Hello everyone!

Sorry i didn't blog yesterday.

because i had a bad bad cramps.. so after Jrunway's launch event i went home and .... curled into a ball and sleep.

usually the cramp will last for one whole day and i had to pop pain killers every 4 hours to stop the excruciating pain. i'm those that will roll into a ball and cry in pain... sometimes i will vomit etc...
and also, i had a near syncope once during my period... *sigh* probably due to my low pain tolerance or maybe due the hormones imbalance during menstrual period.

in short, menstrual pain is... literally a pain in my a**

anyway, this time round.. it's a little more painful than my usual (which is very bad already!!)
and it lasted for 2 days!!  but today was a little better.


oh but the main thing about this post is... SOLUTIONS (other than pain medication) that will help to alleviate the pain.

[Disclaimer : yes, i've just googled about them a few hours ago.. should have did this research earlier!]

 soo if you have nasty period like me, do try them out! (or bookmark them and try them when the pain starts!)

1. Acupuncture point
i know this sounds a little hard to believe...

but i've just tried it...
and it relieved the pain a little!!

it's 4 finger above your medial malleolus!
just press it for 30 seconds and also massage around your bone.

(i also googled a little bout the acupuncture point.. and wow.. it has many benefits for women! so just go ahead and press press press!! =D maybe i'll do the translation for that article one day.. but it's in Chinese so i will probably take a longer time to translate >.< )

2. Pelvic exercises

sitting on a chair, feel that your tailbone is resting on the chair.
then must left and right and front to back.

lying supine.
moving your pelvis left and right while saying MOZO MOZO (no idea why.. hahaha)
make sure that you don't arch your back.

PS : remember to relax while doing these exercises!

3. Stretching

doing back stretching exercise can also reduce the pain!

4. Walking

i understand the reluctance to get up of bed due to the pain.
but it's actually recommended to walk around and so that your pelvic muscles wont stiffen up and cramp.

5. Food that can help to alleviate the pain
warm vegetables

soya bean milk

by the way, food that you should avoid are... coffee and chocolate!
(but i dunno why i crave for chocolate during my period! )

I'm going drink soya bean milk now...

relieve pain >.<
hopefully by following all these exercises, one day i might be able to dump my painkillers..

btw, what do you do when you have menstrual cramps?

i've got a friend who said she never had menstrual cramps before..
and she attributed that to her daily sit up exercises..
well... i suck at sit up.. so probably it's true =3=

anyway, i hope this article helps anyone who have menstrual cramps!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New hair

Hello everyone!!

I'm sure some of you have already seen my new hair... online or in real life...


here's the blog post about it!

i did it at CLEO

yes, got tempted at seeing so many girls going there!
and of course, <3 p="p" qiuqiu="qiuqiu">

and wendy said there's HANDSOME BOYS over there! <3 p="p">

i did dip dye...

yes i know it's supposed to be the IN thing a long time ago~
but i just got released from my last clinicals soooo i really want to get one now!

dip dyed pink~
top is pink brown~

loving how it blends in with the top so nicely!

it's even more obvious with straight hair!
(another clarification : i've never rebonded my hair! AND... also, i don't recommend rebonding of hair unless your hair is very frizzzzzy without it)

going to school with light makeup!

love it cause it's obvious enough to be noticed but at the same time...
not toooo obvious to be tooo action!

this is totally not sponsored!

but if you wanna get similiar results, just tell them you want PINK BROWN on the top and VIVID pink at the ends.
you can also mention about MODEL kelly cause i didn't mention that i'm a blogger. wahahaha

6338 5250 for appointments

that's all!
hope you like my new hairstyle!


Monday, November 19, 2012

[diet] $0 diet! easy and convenient!

hello everyone!

today i'm going to share about this article that i've read online! (read here for japanese version)

the easy.... $0 diet!

nah~ not about bring $0 to school/work to starve yourself during lunch time...

but, it's about...


How can drinking warm water help to slim you down?

1. Helps to increase blood circulation and making the process of fat burning easier
Drinking warm water will help to warm up your digestive system and also making your whole body's blood circulation better! When your internal organs rise 1℃, your metabolism rate will increase around 10~20% and thus increasing the efficiency of fat burning = making you someone that will slim down easier!

2. Increase the efficiency of your internal organs, help to excrete waste products
Drinking warm water will increase the rate of work of your internal organs, increase the speed of digestion. As a result, water products in your body will be excreted out easier and faster! Once the waste products are cleared, kidney and livers will thus increase activity and helps to keep your whole body clean from inside out!

3. Helps to increase volume of urine, excrete excess water
After drinking hot water, the blood circulation and lymphatic flow will be better, thus helping the body to excrete excess water! As a result, your volume of urine will increase and your weight will decrease! Also, helps to reduce constipation!!

BUT! something i've realised after reading the articles...

Their warm water is not just normal boiling water!

There's a specific way to boil them!

so.. here's the instruction!

Step 1 : Use the kettle to boil the water
In Ayurveda, "fire" is an energy that human cannot live without. Thus, electrical pot and electrical boiler etc are not recommended. It's best to boil the water using the fire from gas! Pour water into the kettle and boil it!

Step2.After the water is boiling, wait for 10minutes!
After the water starts to boil, it signifies intake of "wind" energy, considering that it will help to clear the waste products from your digestive system, continue to boil it with the kettle cap opened for 10minutes more
*PS: remember not to put in so much water so that it will not overflow! but also take into consideration that with evaporation, the volume of water will decrease!*

Step3.Pour the hot water into a cup
Off the fire, pour the water into a cup. Wait till the water temperature drops to around 50℃. Please do not pour cold water in to cool it down as it will destroy the balance of energy. Make about 800ml in the morning and put the rest of the water into a thermal flask/bottle.

*light makeup*
With the flask that i bring to school~

When should you drink hot water?

1. When you wake up!
In the morning, the digestive organs can be warmed up by drinking a cup of warm water! It will also helps to increase the rate of digestion! During this time, drink the warm water slowly (one mouthful each time for about 10-20 minutes). It is best to have  your breakfast 30minutes after drinking the warm water! During that time, your digestive system will be active and thus making digestion of food easier!

2. 1 cup of warm water during meals
During meals, drink one cup of warm water! It is most effective when you drink them slowly. At first, you might find warm water very bitter, however... after your body cleans up the waste products, you will find the warm water sweet!

Kelly's Comments :

1. Convenience ☆ 
Generally, this diet method has high feasibility and high convenience!
You just need to boil the water (takes about 15 minutes to boil and wait for water to cool down etc) and the water can be used for the whole day! Also, you only need to drink it once the the morning and during 3 meals! 

2. Tiredness 
Except for waking slightly earlier to prepare the water and carrying the flask around you, there's nothing tiring about this diet!

3. Effectiveness 
To be honest, i've just started this diet a few days ago..
In terms of the effect wise, i don't think i can comment about it adequately.
However, i feel that this diet is great for people who eats a lot during meals and have bad constipation!

I usually drink a lot of water during the day (~2litres a day) so this diet didn't help me reduce my appetite! However, it's quite understandable that drinking more water in between meals can make you feel fuller thus preventing over consuming! 
Nevertheless, this diet helps me a lot for the latter part! I do need to confess that i don't have regular bowel movements (it's either many times a day LS LS or once every 2-3days)
After i started this diet, I have regular bowel movements (EVERYDAY ^u^) wahahah
*totally spoil my image wahahah*

ALSO! because you're carrying that heavy flask with you all the times, you would definitely want to empty it as soon as possible! so you probably won't order soft drinks during meals (.... instead of that... DON'T EVER ORDER SOFT DRINKS!)

4. Likelihood to last ☆ 
High likelihood to last!
Easy, convenient and cheap! 
the only thing i'm not used to is sipping the hot water! i mean.... it's really hard to gauge whether the water is 50℃ or 80℃!! so sometimes, you might burn your lips/tongue O.O

yet another diet post!
hope you girls love it!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

AFA! photo spam !! with famous POPTEEN, RANZUKI and NICKY models!!

Hello everyone!

Akipoyo (ranzuki) , Natsuko (Popteen) , Mayu aka CHiPAN (ranzuki) , Pearly and I~

sooo.... with all the busy rehearsal and outings, i've got some free time to go down to AFA 2012 to have a tour! 

this year's afa is held at EXPO!
yes it's bigger and more grand! 

was having breakfast with ayumi, una, yura and anna before coming down...
cause i was a little more harajuku (i think...) that day!

with my sis!

Melvin, who helped me a lot in this event, was the emcee~
ever since he guest hosted for Jcosmeland event, i find that he's a good host!

Ginyuu dance group!
super awesome!


yamada-san, the talented producer of this show!

the shibuya models!



photo with yamada-san!

with ashley!

techimu happily asking cosplayers to take photos with her!
*omg, she's really nice and cute in real life!!*

with the beauty

with the cutie~

with pedobear!


hahahaha. i'm too weird, even the statue is shy

sexy ladies~ *oppa gangnam style*


at the marble collection store~ 

and look!

graduated butlers and maids! heheheeh

when you're hungry, ginbaro is here too~

not forgetting MMK and AR!

MOE MOE KYUN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

with chizuru

with tora~

with graduated maids, rina and kawaii yuna~

the REAL kawaii~

and i want this cute car!!


one piece~


with beautiful erika-chan~

i want her dress

and we met one of the dancers of marble collection!

and he's off doing this weird and funny stuff again!

he asked me to do with him....


narcissistic pose~ 

and a normal photo, i suppose...

and after loitering around for a while...

we spotted him again!!

keith decided to play with him....

and he got a pleasant (?) surprise!

he got his first kiss!! O.O

after playing around at AFA for a long period of time, we left the area!

and as usual, the queue for anisong concert is freaking long!

also met one of my friends who came for the concert!

had a great time at AFA this year (and all the previous years)

really looking forward for AFA next year!
<3 p="p">

*sorry to spam sooo many photos in one post*


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