Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 2 : Free time (limited)

Hello everyone!

i know you have been waiting for this post!

and here it is!!

absolutely no photoshop ( i don't photoshop my photos anyway) wahahaha

today the models have got a little bit of free time!

soo... we went out with the whole group of them! hehehe

at Jrunway

<3 and="and" hikarin="hikarin" p="p" tenchimu="tenchimu">

they are sooooo freaking cute in real life!
outside and inside!

with natsuko!
another super cute personality! <3 p="p">

sore to...

love la doll ~

and with all the models tachi~

after that we went to sight see a little...

MERLION and fullerton area

and after that they need to rush to a media interview

with super pretty yuna and ayumi seto!

their faces super small!!

after that, team shibuya went back to expo for rehearsal...

and we went out with harajuku team!

we returned to their hotel first...
went to yura's and anna's room!

YURA-chan is very FUNNY!
i'll scan the cheki that she took when i'm free!
hehehe it's super cute!!

KAWAII desho~

and then

we went to the restaurant yura-chan wanted to go soooo sooo much!


tanoshikatta desu!!

love them all sooo much!
thank you all for being so friendly and nice throughout the day and the whole event!


i wanna be like them! <3 p="p">

kelly, ganbatte!!


PS: our photos are up on japanese model's blogs yo~



  1. Wow, you are double lucky! I'm so happy to hear Yura is as fun irl as I thought she would be *w*

  2. OMG is pikari!!!!! <3 <3 <3 You so lucky to meet them!!!

  3. omo guys are so kawaii like a bunch of doll! of course you already like one of them..hehe!

  4. Wowww! You are so lucky to be able to meet with Pikari! You guys are so cute!


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