Saturday, November 3, 2012

[diet] You can Slim down by eating...

yes! you can lose weight by eating these few ingredients!
these low calories ingredients help making you feel FULL!

Tofu is high in protein and low in fat! Therefore making it a perfect ingredient to control your food intake!
Tofu also contains isoflavones (a type of phytoestrogen – contains estrogen-like effects )which is good for women’ health! Studies has shown that isoflavones reduce the risk of breast cancer!

2) Konnyaku

Konnyaku! This is great for diet, especially for those who have constipation!
Konnyaku is high in fibre and extremely low in calories!
Not only that, the chewy texture makes you feel full in just a few mouth! >.<
you can get them at any Japanese supermarket — Meidiya , Isetan supermaket.

3) Mushroom
Mushrooms aer not only good for dieting, it’s great for your skin too!
It contains vitamin B2 and B6 which are essential for beauty skin, hair and eyes!
Not only that, these vitamins also facilitate lipid metabolism!
Good for skin, hair and diet! I’m soooooo going to be a mushroom girl for life! >.<

4) Bean Sprout

Bean sprout!
The best thing about bean sprout is that… it is 95% water.
It also contains aspartic acid, vitamin C and is high in dietary fibre!
It’s also easy to prepare and very cheap!! >< hehehe

In case you wondering if you need to be a vegetarian for the next few months to lose weight….

the answer is….

5) Chicken Tender and Chicken breast
chicken tender and chicken breast are both great for diet!
It’s low in fat and high in protein!
Thus a great choice for diet if you’re a meat lover! (like me! >.<)

Personal Tips : Try different recipes with these ingredients all the time, so that you won’t get sick of them!


PS : This week is diet week! will be posting more about my recent slim down! 
*as requested by readers*


  1. Wow! I have been eating those foods lately! : D Thanks for this post!

  2. Really interesting and nice post!


  3. Ohoho I love this post because I like all the foods you posted! Especially MUSHROOM and BEANSPROUT!! This is all good news *w*

  4. Yup yup yup you got it! We gotta eat healthy foods such as these to slim it down :)

  5. I'm on a diet now. I am eating a lot of chicken breast... I should try to eat more tofu and mushrooms too for variety! Thanks you for this!

  6. I want diet but the thing is I hate eat vegetable T_T Ganbatte~~~ Thanks for the info xD I will try to eat vegetable so that I can slim ~~ <3

  7. Woohoo I love bean sprouts! Have you heard that Oolong tea can help lose weight? I want to try it too. Love your blog!


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