Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New hair

Hello everyone!!

I'm sure some of you have already seen my new hair... online or in real life...


here's the blog post about it!

i did it at CLEO

yes, got tempted at seeing so many girls going there!
and of course, <3 p="p" qiuqiu="qiuqiu">

and wendy said there's HANDSOME BOYS over there! <3 p="p">

i did dip dye...

yes i know it's supposed to be the IN thing a long time ago~
but i just got released from my last clinicals soooo i really want to get one now!

dip dyed pink~
top is pink brown~

loving how it blends in with the top so nicely!

it's even more obvious with straight hair!
(another clarification : i've never rebonded my hair! AND... also, i don't recommend rebonding of hair unless your hair is very frizzzzzy without it)

going to school with light makeup!

love it cause it's obvious enough to be noticed but at the same time...
not toooo obvious to be tooo action!

this is totally not sponsored!

but if you wanna get similiar results, just tell them you want PINK BROWN on the top and VIVID pink at the ends.
you can also mention about MODEL kelly cause i didn't mention that i'm a blogger. wahahaha

6338 5250 for appointments

that's all!
hope you like my new hairstyle!



Weeee~ thanks for ur comments!


we love it and enjoy reading them!


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