Thursday, November 22, 2012

Solutions to menstrual pain

Hello everyone!

Sorry i didn't blog yesterday.

because i had a bad bad cramps.. so after Jrunway's launch event i went home and .... curled into a ball and sleep.

usually the cramp will last for one whole day and i had to pop pain killers every 4 hours to stop the excruciating pain. i'm those that will roll into a ball and cry in pain... sometimes i will vomit etc...
and also, i had a near syncope once during my period... *sigh* probably due to my low pain tolerance or maybe due the hormones imbalance during menstrual period.

in short, menstrual pain is... literally a pain in my a**

anyway, this time round.. it's a little more painful than my usual (which is very bad already!!)
and it lasted for 2 days!!  but today was a little better.


oh but the main thing about this post is... SOLUTIONS (other than pain medication) that will help to alleviate the pain.

[Disclaimer : yes, i've just googled about them a few hours ago.. should have did this research earlier!]

 soo if you have nasty period like me, do try them out! (or bookmark them and try them when the pain starts!)

1. Acupuncture point
i know this sounds a little hard to believe...

but i've just tried it...
and it relieved the pain a little!!

it's 4 finger above your medial malleolus!
just press it for 30 seconds and also massage around your bone.

(i also googled a little bout the acupuncture point.. and wow.. it has many benefits for women! so just go ahead and press press press!! =D maybe i'll do the translation for that article one day.. but it's in Chinese so i will probably take a longer time to translate >.< )

2. Pelvic exercises

sitting on a chair, feel that your tailbone is resting on the chair.
then must left and right and front to back.

lying supine.
moving your pelvis left and right while saying MOZO MOZO (no idea why.. hahaha)
make sure that you don't arch your back.

PS : remember to relax while doing these exercises!

3. Stretching

doing back stretching exercise can also reduce the pain!

4. Walking

i understand the reluctance to get up of bed due to the pain.
but it's actually recommended to walk around and so that your pelvic muscles wont stiffen up and cramp.

5. Food that can help to alleviate the pain
warm vegetables

soya bean milk

by the way, food that you should avoid are... coffee and chocolate!
(but i dunno why i crave for chocolate during my period! )

I'm going drink soya bean milk now...

relieve pain >.<
hopefully by following all these exercises, one day i might be able to dump my painkillers..

btw, what do you do when you have menstrual cramps?

i've got a friend who said she never had menstrual cramps before..
and she attributed that to her daily sit up exercises..
well... i suck at sit up.. so probably it's true =3=

anyway, i hope this article helps anyone who have menstrual cramps!



  1. I might have to try some of those things next... uh... time.. XD I like using a hot water bottle too around that time! It's almost as effective as pain killer and very soothing!

  2. Almost any form of exercising is good for the cramps as it warms up and loosens the muscles. That's why a water bottle can help, I'm lucky my cramps are rarely bad though. I definitely have to stay away from anything that has caffeine - coffee, tea, coke and energy drinks too, if I don't I can get very moody. haha!

  3. Sit ups have nothing to do with it, at least not for me. I have fairly good abs (I used to row) when I was still younger and had terrible menstrual pain. So I don't think it's correlated.
    I never really found anything that helped me, except for keeping my lower back (near the kidneys) and my ankles warm. It sounds weird, but my ankles are kinda crucial for me to feel warm :'D (I wear socks when I sleep even in summer because of that). Sometimes warmth directly on the tummy doesn't feel so good, but putting for example a warm water bottle near my back helped me a lot.
    I usually just took pain killers when it went really, really bad. Eventually, I started to take the anti-baby pill, and it stopped the pain completely, and I'm reeeally thankful.

  4. My best friend always lies down on one of those bed of nails mats when she has really bad cramps! It's this thing:
    She says that it really helps a lot! :3
    I tried it today when I was at her place, because I have really bad backaches right now (>_<) and it helped me too! But yeah the pain relief only lasts as long as you lie on it :/ At least with back aches.
    I also used to have really really bad cramps from my period and would curl up in a ball and cry, but because it was so bad that I couldn't go to school sometimes, I was prescriped the birth control pill >_<
    Since I take it I almost don't have any cramps at all when I have my period. But yeah I also gained quite a bit of weight from it T_T But I guess that's still better than having really really bad cramps since I could lose that weight again if I tried and wouldn't eat that much.. D: I don't really know how it relieves the pain, but it really helps a lot >_<; ♥

  5. That's what I fact in every month! I just want to share the things that I do to relieve pain hehe...maybe difference up to each one believe I think! Cuz I have never know the way to relieve pain like this before so I'll try it next when I have the symptoms btw, when I have a bad cramp I always lie down on bed ASAP and apply mentholated ointment on abdomen(especially suprapubic area that most affect from pain) after that you'll feel that it cooling your skin and relieve pain. Another method is to drink warm water along the period! Try to avoid cool water cuz cool water will clotting menses that induce uterus muscle and ligament contract more that it's the cause of pain. For me these 2 methods is work! and I hope it maybe working on other one symptoms too. Try it once if you have the symptoms hehe

  6. Aha "mozo mozo".
    I HATE PERIOD CRAMPS, they suck and hurt so much :'(
    Mine usually don't last over a day, but they come in like 5 minute intervals -.-
    I usually just curl up on my bed with a hot water bottle on my stomach. It helps!

  7. I usually drink warm water. When mine are particularly bad, I drink a bit of water that has been boiled with ginger and rock sugar. Only do this during heavy pain AND heavy flow >A<
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  8. thanks for sharing these tips! after reducing my cold food intake such as cold drinks, my pain has decreased and I also eat red food such as red bean that are supposed to 'warm up the body' :)

  9. omg, thanks for posting this. today is my first day of my period and it's super duper painful already, I don't like taking drugs. I might just sleep for today >.<

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