Monday, December 24, 2012

Spice up your style with Sweet and rock!


Hello everyone!!

Today i'm going to share with you a cheap and awesome accessories web store!

It's really very tempting every time i visit their website! it caters for all styles!! 

yes, sweet rock casual elegant!! you name it!

However... it is heart wrenching at the same time as their items are sold out very quickly!! T_T

let me show you what i've gotten from

SWEET lady

Queen symbol Necklace - 18K Gold Plated 

Ribbon Crystal Ring - Silver

To be honest with all of you....
i'm not exactly an accessories person as i find it quite a hassle to wear all out..

but after hearing from my boyfriend and friends about how these accessories managed to add stylish points into my daily wear... I'M SOLD!

you would definitely see me wearing accessories everytime i go out! hehehe!!

Just to illustrate the differences better....

without accessories...

yes, still quite pretty~
*bhb shy*

but looks quite empty!!

then with necklace~

looks less empty and sweeter!!

not to mention, the ring also helps to add some syrup to the sweet style!

and for some of you who prefers rock style~ 
or harajuku style....!


they have necklaces for catering to your needs too!

add a few colourful bracelet , add a bucket of genki-ness~!

Spikes Necklace - Silver

really amazed at how easy a necklace defines the whole style!

Colourful Neon Square Bangles
Pastel Colour Multi Layered Bracelet

I love these bracelets too!

all these accessories are really affordable!

Pastel Coloured Multi Layered Bracelet - $10.00

Just a snippet of fashion news...

in the latest (February Issue) VIVI, it says that...
Neon accessories are a MUST GET for this season!!

cause the add OSHARE points to your normal coordinates!!

don't worry!! has got a lot of neon accessories to make you a fashionista this season!

free registered mail for all international orders!!

and last but not least...




  1. Merry christmas! And the last picture is so cute :D

  2. Ooh! I totally get what you mean!!
    I used to not really wear accessories either, but now I've gotten to look in to buying more, since it really does manage to complete an outfit! ^w^
    hehe, cute accessories, and styles! ^^

  3. the crystal ribbon ring is so cute ^^ I love it!!

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we love it and enjoy reading them!


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